Time to Freshen Up? Get Clear And Brilliant

October 7, 2017

By Matthew Pruitt

If your skin is looking a little ruddy from a summer of sun and fun then you need Clear & Brilliant! Fraxel season is back at Skin Bar and the Fall season means we are in full swing.

Clear & Brilliant is one of our most popular services and it’s no wonder why. If you like IPL Photofacials and Laser Genesis than you’re going to love Clear & Brilliant. Why? You ask. It’s basically two services wrapped into one. In fact, it just won New Beauty’s award for best multi-tasking laser.

Correct Sun damage and Discoloration

There are several very good treatments to correct sun damage and discoloration. And IPL is the gold standard. If you have ever had one of these treatments you know what I mean. Intense pulses of light target dark spots with extraordinary precision. The injured intruders are shocked, turning a dark brown color and then flakes off as if they were never there. Amazing, but true.

As great as IPL is it has its limitations. IPL is not safe for darker skin types which excludes a lot of the population that really need a solution for discoloration. And because IPL is a superficial treatment it doesn’t do a whole lot to improve the skin beyond surface discoloration.

This is where IPL and Clear & Brilliant are so different. Clear & Brilliant is safe for all skin types because it is absorbed by water in the skin rather than pigmentation or dark spots. The biggest difference is that Clear & Brilliant resurfaces the skin from the instead out. IPL strictly addresses pigmentation.

Get Smooth, younger looking skin

Laser facials, also known as Laser Genesis are wildly popular because it is a pleasant treatment that works well to improve many skin conditions over time. Genesis works using low level laser energy gently increasing the temperature of the epidermis, well below the surface of the skin. This increase in temperature increases and stimulates the production of collagen in your skin( the basic building block for youthful skin). The result after a series of treatments is a reduction in fine lines, smaller pores and overall improvement in skin texture and tone.

Clear & Brilliant can achieve the same types of results but in a shorter period. The reason must do with the way Clear & Brilliant works.

Clear & Brilliant is Fraxel technology that uses laser to resurface the skin. It combines the best that IPL and Laser Genesis have to offer. When your skintician passes the handpiece over your skin, an array of microscopic lesions is created by the laser penetrating a specific depth of the skin. These tiny thermal lesions are surrounded by large areas of healthy skin. The surrounding healthy skin helps to turn over the lesions revealing the fresh, smoother, healthy glowing skin below.

Consider This

There are a few things to consider before you jump into your first treatment. Clear & Brilliant is a bit more invasive than IPL or Laser Genesis. While the lesions are microscopic, they are penetrating the epidermis. Some clients might have a day or two of social downtime with Clear & Brilliant like an IPL. Redness and slight swelling are not uncommon for several hours following a Clear & Brilliant treatment. If you’re not sure if Clear & Brilliant is right for you call us and we would be happy to schedule you a personal consultation with your Skintician.

Clear & Brilliant is great for treating sun damage, improving fine lines, and minimizing the appearance of pores. The combined benefits of this treatment make it a great fit for most new members and members who need a little freshening up.

That is why we are featuring it as this month’s member benefit. Upgrade to Clear & Brilliant today! It’s easy, just swap this month’s services and get a Clear & Brilliant. OR call us for the details.

Matthew Pruitt

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