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Isolaz Acne Laser

What Skin Condition it Resolves

Isolaz is Skin Bar’s secret weapon to unclog pores, banish blackheads, and mop up excessive oil production. It purges acne causing bacteria (the root cause of most acne) from the inside out. Isolaz helps to:

  • Unclog pores
  • Controls excessive oil production
  • Kill bacteria causing acne
  • Make skin texture more even
  • Decreasing the number of breakouts
  • Reducing the appearance of large pores

How it Works

Skin bar Isolaz treatment is different than any other treatment in the city because we combine our deep pore cleansing facial with the Isolaz laser treatment.  Giving you two treatments in one!

First the skin is cleaned and steamed. Followed by manual extractions. Doing manual extractions first allows the Isolaz laser to penetrate deeper. Then the skin is moistened with water. The Isolaz tip is placed on the skin and a gentle “vacuum like” pressure is applied. The vacuum is key for pulling debris closer to surface helping extract the pore clogging debris. Next a broadband light flashes. This light kills acne causing bacteria and oils.  (Remember: Bacteria is the root cause of most acne.)  Lastly, two passes of treatment are administered followed by a cooling anti-bacterial mask. The cherry on top: Isolaz is completely painless!

Good to Know

The skin is getting purged of excessive oil and bacteria. Although there is no downtime, most clients will typically experience a little redness after the treatment. It will go away in a couple of hours. Also, your skin might break out after the treatment, but fear not. These flair up’s will subside. Think of it as an Acne death throw.

This is no special aftercare other than daily applying acne friendly SFP.

You will need anywhere from four or more treatments, depending on severity, 2x monthly. Acne targeted chemical peels and deep pore cleansing facials are good to do in tandem with Isolaz at it will compound the benefits.  When acne is under control you will need a treatment once a month for maintenance.

To achieve the best results you will want the treatments administered every two weeks. This keeps the pores clean, and the bacteria at bay.

Maintaining Your New Skin

Correcting and maintaining your young skin doesn’t just happen at Skin Bar. It’s an ongoing process that extends to your Home Skin Care Regimen. Find a cocktail of products from the Skin Bar Shop that ensures even skin tone after your IPL Photofacial treatment.

  • Elta MD SPF sunscreen – to protect from sun damage
  • Advance Pigment Corrector – to prevent unwanted pigmentation
  • Epidermal Repair – to soothe and protect skin after laser treatments

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