So what are these “looks” all about


Hi Skincare lovers,

My name is Trice.

My husband, Matt and I, are the owners of Skin Bar.

When I met Mattie, and he told me that he had a spa, my first reaction was- “That’s fabulous!” Swiftly followed by a nagging question, “Do the treatments really work?”

After frequenting the spa, quite a bit as you can imagine, I came to realize that the treatments did work! But to be able to capture the maximum results you needed a combination of treatments and you had to do them consistently.

You see, I didn’t just want a facial or an IPL. I wanted the whole look. I wanted my skin to look creamy, smooth, and youthful! Ideally forever.

It’s in that moment the idea of the membership was born.

The membership allows you to have a variety of treatments, administered biweekly, at a fraction of the price. So, you can get more than just a treatment you can have the whole look.

Meet your skintician!

oxygen facial

The Oxygen FacialMy is my favorite treatment. It kills bacteria, hydrates, and boosts collagen production, which leaves your skin glowing.


My favorite treatment is Isolaz. Seeing my clients’ reaction after their very first visit is priceless. It works!

Laser Genesis