This Summers Skincare Routine- Antiaging 

 June 3, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

The summer months are a great time to focus on antiaging. Most people don’t realize this, but antiaging strategies change with the seasons. That’s because our skin changes with every season. It may be dry in the winter and oily in the summer. Dryness can cause breakouts, flakiness and even make fine lines appear more noticeable. And in the summer, everyone is familiar with that pesky t-zone shine. Of course, with every passing season, we have also aged a few more months.

At Skin Bar NYC, we recognize that your skin needs are constantly changing. It is one reason we take updated member photos several times a year. Photos give us a chance to review your progress and revisit your goals. When we view them side by side, we can see real progress and adjust our focus based on lifestyle, travel schedule, and recreational behavior.

Of course, antiaging is always in fashion at Skin Bar NYC, no matter the season. After all, that’s our specialty. So, maintaining collagen production, improving skin texture, and keeping things tight is a twelve-month affair.

Summer is a great time for adjustments.

Subtle changes like backing off heavy lasers in the summer because of high temperatures and sun exposure are necessary for safety reasons. When cooler months return, we can return to those lasers to remove any damage the sun might have caused over the summer months. Of course, we recommend staying away from the sun and wearing copious amounts of sunscreen, but we all need a little vitamin D.

Most members choose Laser Genesis and Microcurrent for their go-to summer routine.

Laser Genesis is a gentle and safe laser even in the summer months but a powerhouse of results. Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles effectively. It also tightens pores and reduces oil production—two critical factors in any summer skincare routine. But that’s not all. It also improves the skin’s tone and texture while removing sun damage.

And you can do it at lunchtime with no downtime. Best of all, there is zero discomfort.

Combine Laser Genesis with Microcurrent, and the results will stun you.

Microcurrent is like a gym workout for your face. Focusing on muscles and deeper tissues, Microcurrent lifts the cheeks, brows, and jawline. Your skin appears smoother, more firm, and depuffed. That’s because Microcurrent stimulates lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow.

And just like Laser Genesis, Microcurrent stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is the main protein the body has to build muscle. So, you are doubling your antiaging power when you combine these two treatments.

One more important benefit of Microcurrent that might not be obvious right away is ATP production, the chemical responsible for the creation of structural proteins like elastin and collagen. Two critical components for maintaining volume and firmness.

Summer months are busy travel months. But consistency is key to any successful antiaging program. That’s why combining two treatments into a single visit means you only need to visit Skin Bar NYC once a month. It’s that easy.

So, this month is the perfect time for a skin analysis and skin strategy session. Let’s find an antiaging routine that will get you the skin of your dreams and work with your busy lifestyle.

Matthew Pruitt

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