Laser Hair Removal Just Got Better 

 October 5, 2016

By  Matthew Pruitt

Don’t panic! We still use the same laser, (Cynosure Apogee Elite +) and the same cooling techniques to make treatments more comfy, but we have been collaborating to elevate the experience of laser hair removal from a clinical service to one that looks and feels more like a spa service.

I just had a laser hair removal treatment at my spa on the back of my neck. It is my third treatment on that area, but the first since we enhanced our service protocol. Anytime we make improvements to our services I am always the first to test out the new changes.

Here’s the warm up.

If you have had laser hair removal you already know that these rooms are always cold. That’s because the lasers require temperatures that do not exceed 68 degrees during operation. At Skin Bar, we keep the rooms at a constant 68 degrees to ensure our lasers operate at the optimal level. That’s a cold temperature if the area you having treated requires that you remove your clothes. Up till now we offered, clients that disrobe for treatment, a paper gown similar to the ones you get at the doctor’s office. While they are utilitarian and offer some privacy, they are not comfortable or warm.

Unfortunately, we can’t increase the temperature in the room so we found the next best thing. Last month we introduced plush Kimono robes for our clients to slip into before treatment. They are knee length and made of Turkish cotton providing much appreciated comfort and warmth. And the length makes treating any area easy to reach without any fuss. When you are offered a robe at your next appointment take it, even you don’t have to remove your clothes to be treated. These robes will make you warm and cozy during your service.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Laser can make clients anxious especially if it’s the first time. We have always offered stress balls to clients to help them relax. But we thought what about after the treatment? How can we bring down anxiety levels and put people at ease when the treatment is over. The answer. A gentle massage on the area treated. We apply our moisturizer with SPF to every area we treat and take an extra minute to gently massage the product into your skin while promoting blood flow and relaxing your body.

Let’s get the red out.

A good laser treatment will leave the area feeling like a heat rash- redness, hot and itchy. This is all normal, but those effects can last for a while after your treatment. At Skin Bar ,we have the anecdote for these symptoms and it works on contact. Our Laser Enzyme Gel works on contact cooling the skin while easing the itch and irritation. When it was applied to my neck yesterday I couldn’t believe how dramatic the effect was.

When it’s over its all roses.

Finally, when your treatment is over, and your skin has been gently massaged, and cooled we apply a mist of organic rose water for the final touch. The aroma of roses is known to have calming effects and is said be a powerful mood enhancer. But, it also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, further calming the skin and improving your well-being.

See, I told you laser hair removal just got better. If you want to find out more about how Skin Bar NYC has perfected the art of hair removal give us a call. If you’re a new client we would love to show you how we do it with a free consultation and test patch.

Matthew Pruitt

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