Laser Genesis + Hydrafacial 

 March 17, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

Are you ready to take your skincare routine to the next level? We are excited to introduce our newest Dual Therapy treatment- Laser Genesis + Hydrafacial. Exclusively available at Skin Bar NYC to New Yorkers who want to look as young as they feel.

This treatment is for clients and members with years of accumulated sun damage. This Dual treatment treats and corrects both effects of Photodamaged skin.

Surface damage

When we think of sun damage, we usually think of dark brown spots and uneven skin tone. I see new clients every week with lots of sun damage that tell me they are not happy with their skin. They feel like their skin has aged them, and they appear older than their peers.

What they don't know is that there is a lot more damage they don't see. Extensive sun exposure drys the skin and depletes natural lubricating oils.

The damage is more than skin deep

Sun damage doesn't just affect the surface of your skin. It damages the deepest layers known as the dermis, weakening elastin and collagen. Two essential elements that make up the walls of your skin. Weaker, thinner walls lead to lines and wrinkles and, if gone unchecked for too long- sagging skin.

The first step to correcting sun damage is always on the surface.

We know that sun damage goes much deeper than what we can see in the mirror. But, the best place to start is on the surface. Treating dark spots and pigmentation can have an immediate and dramatic effect.

Hydrafacial uses two methods of exfoliation:

  • Mechanical exfoliation with vortex dermabrasion sweeps away dead cells, clogged pores, and pollution.
  • A penetrating chemical peel is applied to reach deep into the skin and lift away sun damage.
  • A solution of powerful hydrating antioxidants is infused into the skin to improve overall health.  

Hydrafacial works on the surface layers effectively remove damage, including brown spots, uneven skin tone, and smooth texture. In contrast, Laser Genesis works deeper to repair sun-damaged skin effects like fine lines, wrinkles, and weakened collagen.

Now, let's tackle deeper damage.

 I often use the line- Let's start with a clean palette. In my two decades in the field of cosmetics, I have found that it is best to prep the skin with a treatment that removes layers of buildup and feeds the skin the nutrients it needs before jumping into any laser. The reason is simple; you don't want the laser to compete against dirt and other debris before it reaches the place to do its work. And your skin needs hydration and nutrition to adjust to the energy of the laser. So remember, you always want to start with a clean palette.

Laser genesis corrects the damage deep in the dermis by remodeling lost collagen, resulting in plumper skin. Genesis also evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores. Hydrafacial + Laser Genesis is the combination for clients and members seeking porcelain doll-like skin.

Matthew Pruitt

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