Introducing SS Microneedling

November 9, 2022

By Matthew Pruitt

Have you been considering RF Microneedling, but felt nervous to try it because of your fear that it might be painful? Are you concerned about downtime? You don’t have to be concerned anymore.

My name is Matthew Pruitt. My wife and I own NYC’s top Medspa- Skin Bar NYC. I have just concluded an exhaustive search for new science that delivers remarkable results without the pain, downtime or lifestyle limitations most people expect.

Yes, I was on the search for the perfect treatment that fulfilled all my requirements. This treatment regimen had to pass all these tests:

  • No pain.

  • No downtime.

  • No lifestyle limits. Sun exposure, etc.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while tightening the skin and lifting all in one service. 

  • Works every time.

Sound too good to be true? I thought it might be too. I went through trial and error for three years. I tested more than 50 lasers, 100 serums and traveled as far as the Netherlands before I found the combination of non-thermal collagen induction and proprietary growth serums that met my strict criteria.

Today, I am proud to introduce to New York City the SS Microneedling procedure. This new offering from Skin Bar NYC is a simple two step treatment protocol that combines non thermal collagen induction and the most advanced growth serum available on the market. I promise.

In fact, I feel so confident in my new treatment that I stand behind it with a 100% guarantee.

So, what is SS Microneedling?

SS Microneedling is a combination therapy that combines non thermal collagen induction with growth factors and stem cells. Followed by a simple seven day, two step at home regimen.

What is non thermal collagen induction?

Non thermal collagen induction in nothing new by itself. Most of us know it as micro needling or micro channeling. Micro needling uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin’s surface. The depth of penetration can be anywhere from .25 millimeters (barely feeling it) to 2.5 millimeters (bleeding). These tiny channels activate the body’s natural healing process- super charging our bodies healing cascade. Resulting in new, smoother, brighter and tighter skin.

How is Skin Bar NYC’s microneedling different?

Thermal collagen induction, (think radiofrequency microneedling) works using laser energy to heat up the lower layers of the dermis, triggering the boy’s inflammation response . Our method of non-thermal collagen induction, (no heat) combines microneedling and human growth-factor serums  to stimulate the body’s collagen and elastin production without the inflammation. Think collagen stimulation without inflammation. 

The microneedling step for this treatment acts as a delivery mechanism for the real star of this service- our growth-factor serums.

Through extensive personal research, and trial and error, I have had .25-to-2.5-millimeter treatments, I found, contrary to perceptions that microneedling results are not always better when they are more painful.  That’s because with Skin Bar NYC’s treatment method we only use the micro needling to allow the serums to penetrate for the fullest effect.

That means we just barely nick the skins surface. So, there is  less inflammation and redness. And a painless treatment without the downtime. And because we are not introducing laser and heat to the skin there are no restrictions to sun exposure.

The fact is your body’s healing response is triggered the same way when the treatment is shallow or deep. So, our treatment is done with .25 mm or .50 mm. Results are not sacrificed for comfort. Now we have achieved my first goal .No pain.

No downtime?

You read that right. No downtime. Because we are treating without heat and gently breaking through the stratum corneum, there is very little superficial damage to your skin. That means less inflammation and redness and most importantly, no downtime.

We end the treatment with a soothing masque and LED light therapy. You may have a pinkish tone for the day. We ask clients to avoid strenuous exercise the day of treatment. And it’s important to wear sunscreen after your treatment. Most of our clients go right back to whatever their daily routine is right after the service

No limits here!

Well, mostly no limits. After all any cosmetic treatment worth its weight causes some redness to the skin. Bu, my extensive research has led me to a paradigm shift in cosmetics that are moving away from inflicting significant damage to achieve youth, to treatments that are less and less invasive and more and more productive. This shift is possible due to improved technology platforms beyond lasers. This decade you will see more and more noninvasive technologies supplant and replace technologies that required long downtime and discomfort to achieve the youth we seek.

Another technology to keep an eye on is the use of cold cryo therapy for antiaging, fat loss and the treatment of inflammation.

Skin Bar NYC’s transition to the future starts with our SS Microneedling treatment.

That sounds great. But what about results?

If you know anything about Skin Bar NYC, then you already know we’re all about results. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Study’s show that after a series of microneedling combined with our growth-factor serums clients achieved up to 140% thicker skin. 98% of participants in the study showed significant improvement in the quality of their skin. And 92% felt at least 5 years younger.

Those are compelling results. That’s why we are so confident in our newest technology.

What is a growth-factor serum?

We’re born with a full tank of all the things needed for healthy skin and body. This includes stem cells. These cells are responsible for collagen production, healing and restoring cells. Without them our skin becomes loose, wrinkles form and our complexion becomes ruddy.

By our thirties we have half as many as we were born with. By the time we’re fifty we produce only 2% of what our bodies produced as babies. Growth factors jumpstart those dormant cells to drastically increase production of collagen, thickening, strengthening and tightening the skin.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Most clients leave our medspa with a slight pinkish tone. Something like a mild sun burn. Your skin may feel a little sensitive to the touch. Redness subsides by the next day for most people and by the second day there is usually no indication you had anything done.

There are few limitations post treatment. Wear sunscreen. Wash your face with cool water and use the post treatment kit for seven days after your service.  

You will visually notice your skin getting brighter and smoother with each passing day.

Matthew Pruitt

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