Don’t Forget the Neck and Décolleté 

 November 11, 2016

By  Matthew Pruitt

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It’s important to take care of ALL of it. As a Master Esthetician one of the common mistakes I see clients make is neglecting their neck and décolleté. And forgetting to include them in their skin care regimen.

Don’t let this happen to you. You’ve seen it before, the lady with the glowing face but a sagging neck and sun damaged décolleté. Sometimes the dramatic difference can make a person look older than they really are. Wearing tank tops and v-neck t-shirts without sun protection will come back to haunt us ladies (and gents)!

Estheticians incorporate the neck and décolleté into facials because we know these areas are just as important to treat as your face. These areas show the first signs of damage, loss of collagen and elastin. Basically, they show your age. And if you are spending time and money to protect a youthful face don’t forget its close neighbors: neck and chest.

Here are my tips on how to correct and prevent damage on these areas to keep you looking younger and feeling more confident.

First things first, your at-home skin care regimen. Cleansers, serums, moisturizers and SPF, should all be used on your neck and décolleté daily. The rules are super simple: if you apply it to your face, also apply it to your neck and décolleté, unless otherwise specified by your skin care expert.

When it comes to serums I like Vitamin C serum. CE Ferulic from SkinCeuticals or the Vital C line from Image are my favs. Both are great to use on the neck and décolleté because they lighten and even skin tone while tightening your skin.

There are products specifically designed for the neck and décolleté. My favorite is Image Skincare’s Max Stem Cell Neck Lift. This product is ultra firming and targets sagging and lax skin. It contains peptides combined with plant-derived stem cell technology that helps increase elasticity, brightens, tightens and defines the neck and jawline. And who doesn’t like the sound of that? When I use this product I can feel my neck tightening and firming, it’s incredible! Apply it twice daily, morning and evening, and of course always follow with a broad spectrum SPF for best results.

These products will help to prevent and maintain, but professional treatments are needed for corrective measures.

The neck and décolleté can often give away your age if not taken care of properly. If you have lots of discoloration, wrinkles or sagging skin, its time to turn to an Esthetician. One of my favorite treatments to remove sun damage and discoloration is the IPL Photofacial. This laser flashes its intense pulsed light on the skin targeting the brown and red pigmentation, lifting it up to the surface, allowing it to crust and flake off revealing bright, evenly toned skin. I usually recommend a series of IPL’s for the best results.

Once discoloration is cleared up, it’s time to address the droopiness and “turkey neck” which can happen as we age and lose collagen and elastin.

For this, I recommend our 4-D Facelift which uses ultrasound and microcurrent technology along with LED light therapy. Ultrasound technology helps to penetrate product (such as the Max Stem Cell Neck Lift) deep into the skin, and the microcurrent helps to gently lift and firm the muscles and skin. Both steps are accompanied with red LED light which penetrates to the dermal layer of the skin and stimulates collagen production. I recommend a series of six treatments every two weeks, followed by a series of four once a month, and then maintenance once every three months. Follow this plan for flawless skin from your forehead to your bust and wear any neckline with confidence!

If you aren’t sure what products or treatments are best for you, call Skin Bar today to schedule a complimentary consultation with me, Jessi, or one of our other knowledgeable Skinticians. We will help guide you and develop a custom skin care plan and regimen. And remember, don’t forget the neck and décolleté!

Matthew Pruitt

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