February 7, 2015

By Matthew Pruitt

7 Days Left to Get Your Skin Valentine’s Day Ready!

Valentines day is fast approaching! Want to make sure your skin is looking its best? Below are a list of our favourite treatments that will leave you looking fresh and beautiful!

Custom Facials


Extractions can be performed to unclog pores and disinfect current breakouts so that skin will have time to heal within the next 5-7 days before the big date night!

High Frequency:

High Frequency can also be performed which will help to kill acne causing bacteria and banish current redness or breakouts.


A facial massage will help to circulate blood flow, awaken the skin, and keep cheeks looking fresh and rosy. Also extremely relaxing leaving you stress-free!

Learn more about our various types of facials in our ‘Facials and Peels’ section

Laser Genesis


This treatment helps to calm redness, even texture and complexion, tighten the skin, shrink the pores, and leave a fresh, healthy glow! This treatment has no downtime, but most clients say they notice the result of a laser genesis treatment about a week later.

(Please note most clients need a series of Laser Genesis to see a full result. This is perfect for clients with a membership).

Learn more about Laser Genesis


February 7th-11th…Its getting closer!


Dermaplaning has been used for centuries. “According to common beauty lore, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Cleopatra all shaved their faces.” Dermaplaning uses a surgical grade scalpel to remove the top layer of skin on your face. It also removes the vellus hairs (the baby fine hair that grows naturally on your face) helping to give your skin a new found glow and smooth appearance. Best done a few days before Valentines day, make up spreads evenly on your face giving you that beautiful complexion you’ve always wanted!

Also, remember ladies and gents, you should have NO BEARD FEAR! — it’s been scientifically proven that Dermaplaning does NOT increase any possible hair regrowth (they will not grow back thicker, darker OR quicker!).

Learn more about Dermaplaning in our ‘Facials and Peels’ section


February 10th-14th…Only a few days to go!

IMAGE Signature Peel

IMAGE Signature Peel is a very gentle peel using a blend of alpha/beta hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. This peel can be done a few days before Valentines day or even the day of. There is no downtime and leaves the skin bright and glowing!

Learn more about IMAGE Signature Peel in our ‘Facials and Peels’ section


February 14th…Our best ‘day of’ treatment!

The Celebrity Oxygen Facial


A very gentle facial that leaves the skin fresh and glowing. Extractions can be performed but clients doing this treatment the day of valentines day may not want them. An extended massage can be performed in place of extractions to stimulate blood flow and plump the skin. Vitamins A, C and E are massaged into the skin, followed by an oxygen blast which hydrates the skin. Leaving your skin with a fresh, youthful, glowing appearance perfect for that romantic date!

Learn more about IMAGE Signature Peel in our ‘Facials and Peels’ section


Matthew Pruitt

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