Leap into Hairless Freedom Forever! 

 March 6, 2015

By  Matthew Pruitt

Getting Summer Ready: Why You Need to Get Laser Hair Removal Now!

Okay ladies, who’s ready for summer?! We’re all working on losing the winter lbs., but what about unwanted hair in unwanted areas? There’s a magical cure to this problem. Laser Hair Removal!

If you start now and you’ll be ready by July 4th!

How Does it Work?

A device delivers laser energy (heat) to the unwanted hair, which penetrates each strand right to the root and weakens the follicle, preventing your body from producing new hair. With a group of sessions, you will be free of hair with silky, sexy skin!

Four Reasons Laser Hair Removal is the Best Decision Ever

    1. Keep Your Hard Earned Cash

      Laser Hair Removal is permanent hair reduction, which may seem expensive. However, when you add up what you will continue spending over a lifetime on shaving, waxing or other temporary methods it becomes a ‘no brainer’ investment.

      $50 average wax session x 12 months = $600 a year x 20 years = $12,000

      $12,000 wasted in waxing costs over 20 years!

      It makes a lot more sense to invest $300 in laser hair removal and never wax again!

  • Saves time

    Eliminate the need for daily shaving or monthly waxing. No more having to miss your lunch hour to wax, or wake up early each morning to shave.

  • Look your best with smooth, silky skin

    With laser hair removal there are no uncomfortable in-between stages, or prickly sandpaper legs. You are free from waxes, tweezers and razors to enjoy silky, smooth skin 24/7!

    Razor burn, ingrown hairs, missing a strip of hair on your leg are all embarrassing factors of shaving! Laser hair removal prevents all of these. Leave the self-conscious prickly legs in the past!

  • Save your precious skin

    Laser targets your hair and weakens it at the root unlike shaving and waxing, eliminating chances of breakouts, blemishes, ingrown hairs or wax burn risks.

Four Steps Before Laser Hair Removal

    1. If you have a tan (from a nice holiday in the sun rather than tanning beds, tanning lotion or sprays!), we can treat darker skin, but you will need to wait two weeks before a treatment. The same goes for any self tanners. While it’s still cold outside (NOW) is the best time to get your series of sessions so you can sunbathe to your hearts content this summer!

  • No plucking, waxing, bleaching or electrolysis should be performed at least two weeks prior to your first treatment. Hair must be present, with its natural hair color to ensure the best results. Ideally the hair will be completely grown in on the intended treatment area.

  • When the laser hair removal process has started, you must not do any type of waxing, depilatory cream, or threading on the treatment area.

  • Remove all makeup and lotion before the process. You want to make sure the indicated area is as clean as can be!

It takes 6-12 treatments to completely remove 70%-90% of unwanted hair. The number of treatments is different depending on area of your body, thickness of hair, and hair growth cycle.

Treatments must be spaced out. From the neck up, treatments start at every four weeks, then will stretch out to every six weeks once there is less hair. For everything from the neck down treatments start at every six weeks, then will stretch out to every eight to nine weeks.

Shaving, waxing, tweezing – hair removal can be time consuming, expensive and painful! Why waste time and money when you can get Laser Hair Removal!

Start now and your skin will be beautiful and summer ready just in the nick of time!

Matthew Pruitt

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