Aging Is A Choice. Choose To Look As Young As You Feel. 

 June 21, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see lines on your forehead even when you aren’t frowning? Are you starting to notice jowls appearing and a fuller chin? Do your eyes still look tired? Are you beginning to see the turkey neck?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

If you could change how you look in the mirror, what would you like to improve? Would you erase those pesky lines and wrinkles? Maybe you’d lift that chin and area around the eyes for a rested, refreshed look. How about removing the dark spots and smoothing out your tone and texture?

Do you think achieving results like these require painful surgery and needles? Think you don’t have the downtime to spare to look as young as you feel? Do you think it costs thousands of dollars to achieve? Or maybe you don’t believe it’s possible at all.

It can happen for you.

Suppose your answer to any of these questions is yes. You’re not alone. Every day we hear clients tell us they can’t afford the cost or the pain to get the skin of their dreams, not to mention the pain. And most are afraid of looking fake or unnatural after these cosmetic treatments.

Many people, just like you, want to look in the mirror and see the natural, youthful person they feel. Not the aging reflection in the mirror. The problem is they don’t know where to start.

Leave it to the experts.

At Skin Bar NYC, we understand that these changes can be scary, and finding the solution can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created an antiaging system that is painless, affordable, and works every time.

We have taken the guesswork and pain out of looking younger and achieving the skin of your dreams. Our secret? Antiaging memberships.

Our memberships are simple, and you will see results after your first treatment. The longer you continue, the better results you’ll see. It only takes a couple of hours a month.

Here’s how it works:

Tell us what you see when you look in the mirror. Then tell us what you want to see (or don’t want to see) when you look in the mirror. That’s is your goal.

Next, our skincare experts will design a custom plan to achieve that goal using more than a dozen non-invasive treatments that erase wrinkles, lift, tighten, and even out skin tone.

Come in monthly for your treatments and watch your refection improve every month.

If you thinking this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. We use a simple concept that everyone already knows.

The membership concept.

Consider a gym membership. If you belong to a gym and you exercise your body routinely, you are pretty much guaranteed to see results, and over time you’ll get the body you want. Conversely, if you have a gym membership but never use it, it’s no surprise you’re not going to have the body you want.

Skincare is not different. Show up and get results. And know that our skincare experts have selected only the most advanced and proven technology available to achieve results quickly and predictably. And unlike the gym, there’s no sweating at Skin Bar NYC. No hard-earned results. Just one or two hours of uninterrupted YOU time and the skin of your dreams.

Results are what set Skin Bar NYC apart from all other medspas and Skincare clinics. We take results seriously. It’s the reason we’re here. So, we frequently take updated photos in our Visia photo booth.

The way we look from day to day may not change much. That’s why it can take time to notice the aging process taking hold. The same can be true when we undo aging. That’s why we use a new, controlled imaging system that takes pictures of your skin to analyze eight different aging conditions, allowing you to track your improvement with confidence. No gimmicks. Just results.

We all want to look our best. Don’t let fear get in the way of getting what you want. Start with a goal, and then do some research to find out what antiaging program works the best for your needs.

Matthew Pruitt

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