A Guide To Chemical Peels

April 28, 2021

By Matthew Pruitt

Lasers tend to get most of the attention in the cosmetic world, but there is another treatment for skin conditions that are as worthy of praise- chemical peels. Peels have been around a long time and gained real popularity in the early 1990s. But, their popularity was cut short when lasers were introduced to the market in the late ’90s.

While peel’s time in the spotlight was short, they have continued to remain a powerful tool in the arsenal of both dermatologists and spas alike.

At Skin Bar NYC, we use peels every day to help our members achieve the skin of their dreams. We use peels as stand-alone treatments and in combination with facials and lasers to enhance outcomes. We even use peels to prep our clients’ skin for our most aggressive laser treatments.

What are chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a method of exfoliation involving acids that release the bonds between dead layers of skin and fresh ones. Peels are highly effective tools for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

There are two types of peels most commonly used today. Light chemical peels and medium peels are the most frequently performed peels today. Deep peels exist but are rarely used and have mostly been replaced with lasers for the most aggressive skin resurfacing.

Light chemical peels

Light peels are the most versatile of chemical peels because they can be performed as single treatments or enhance other services. Many types of acids are used in light chemical peels, but the two most common are Lactic and Glycolic acids.

Lactic acid is very hydrating and effective for brightening the skin. Glycolic acid is excellent for treating fine lines and breakouts. At Skin Bar NYC, we choose the best type of peel for your skin needs at the treatment time.

Light peels do their work while you are on the treatment table. That means no downtime or peeling occurs after leaving the spa—just bright glowing skin.

Medium chemical peels

Medium peels are what you think of as a peel in the traditional sense because they make you peel like a reptile. The most popular medium peel used today is the modified Jessner peel. This peel combines three different acids salicylic, lactic, and resorcinol. There are many modified Jessners on the market. At Skin Bar NYC, we use the Perfection Lift Peel.

The Perfection Lift Peel

The Perfection Lift Peel is a member favorite because of the fantastic results our clients get. And for those darker skin clients who can’t have lasers, Perfection peel is a perfectly safe alternative while achieving similar results to IPL and, in some cases, even Fraxel Dual.

The amount of peeling and the depth of treatment are determined by the number of layers applied. At Skin Bar NYC, we use between one and three layers of the chemical peel. Then we boost it with Retinol to supercharge the exfoliation process.

Unlike light peels that we neutralize after a few minutes, Perfection Lift stays on, and self neutralizes after several hours. This time allows the peel to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. After a couple of days, the peeling begins and can continue for several days.

The intensity of peeling can lead to social downtime, but the finished product is well worth the trouble. Some members are a little skeptical about trying the Perfection Lift, but they always return for more once they try it.

Matthew Pruitt

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