What’s Your Spring Skincare Strategy? 

 April 14, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

In last week’s blog, we talked about how our skin is constantly changing and how those changes require different solutions. And we explained how memberships meet the needs for all these changes. Our skin changes are a result of the environment, our body’s chemistry, and family genetics. And one other significant factor. The seasons.

As inhabitants of a big city that brings us an average of over two feet of snow a year and gross humid summers, no New Yorker reading this will be surprised to hear that the seasons also play a significant role in how our skin behaves.

Skincare goals and the changing seasons work together.

But did you know the seasons also play a critical role in how skincare experts manage your skincare plan and treatments? At Skin Bar, we design our treatment plans around two things, your goals and the seasons.

Your Skincare strategy is designed around the seasons for a reason.

When you arrive at Skin Bar and determine your goal is to treat hyperpigmentation, we have already thought about how the seasons will help achieve your goals before starting your first treatment. Pigment and sun damage are good examples because the best results happen with some services we don’t offer in the summer.

Spring is a popular season for renewal after a long cold winter. It is one of the most popular times of the year for skincare. And for a good reason, everyone is thinking about summer and showing off a little more skin or attending high-profile events.

You need an expert to recognize when the change is coming.

In skincare, Spring is the season to refresh and prepare for summer. But first, we need to help the skin transition from within. Our bodies have a hard time keeping up with winter’s long, frigid windy conditions that dry out our skin. And our attempt to overcome the dryness with heavy moisturizers and other products only adds to the problem by clogging pores.

When Spring arrives, temperatures rise, and humidity increases, our body takes a little time to catch up. Overproducing oil and creating unbalanced PH levels leads to breakouts, blackheads, and dull, dehydrated skin. And without knowing it, you might unwittingly be contributing to the problem by continuing to use heavy products well into the new season.

With a skincare expert to guide you, you’ll never have to guess again.

That’s a lot to unpack, but a good skin care strategy can avoid all those issues before they become a problem. At Skin Bar NYC, our skincare experts know our members’ skin and make recommendations proactively to prevent these problems. A reminder to change up your skincare routine at home is one small example of how we help you transition from season to season so that you can enjoy clear, healthy skin all year long.

Another critical step to maintaining predictable healthy skin this Spring is controlling our production of oil. It sounds like a small thing, but the oil our skin produces is as essential as the oil in an engine. It just can’t run without it.

During the transition of any season, Skin Bar NYC’s standard practice is to employ a powerful tool. The facial. Facials deep clean the skin, ridding it of dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and blackheads. Facials also recalibrate the skin’s PH levels to keep oil production in check while stimulating cellular turnover and collagen production.

Spring can present challenges for our skin, but it also offers opportunities. Spring gives us the time to transform our skin for summer. While the weather is getting warmer, it is still safe to perform our most potent laser treatments and peels to have you glowing in time for summer.

Pick the right laser for the season.

Services like Fraxel, IPL, and Perfection Peel are perfect for the cooler months of the year. At Skin Bar NYC, we’re all about results. So, we treat our clients with settings intended to maximize results. These treatments require extra caution as laser energy and deeper peels can stimulate the melanocytes (the cells responsible for pigmentation) and cause new pigmentation or even a burn.

Generally, we do not perform these services after June. If you love the sun, then we usually will update your skincare strategy after Memorial Day. We resume these services again after Labor Day.

Now that Spring has sprung, the clock is ticking, and our lasers are ready to transform your skin. But get started now, take advantage of the next three months and enjoy dreamy, creamy skin by summer.

Leave the rest to us!

At Skin Bar NYC, we offer memberships with results as the primary focus. We begin every membership with a skin strategy session and a clear path to your most important goal. Our experts design a treatment plan to reach those goals, and we track your progress with photo technology and scientific data points.

And we don’t have commitments. You can stop or pause your membership anytime. We live by our results, and our members see results, so they stay.

Matthew Pruitt

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