Skincare Memberships Are The New Gym Memberships 

 March 31, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

Skin Bar NYC introduced its first membership in 2012, and we never looked back. Since then, ninety percent of our clientele comes from our membership offerings. It’s no wonder since memberships offer access to the most advanced treatments and lasers on the market for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase these services individually.
And the customization and accountability mean results you can see.

Before the idea of skincare memberships came along, expensive laser treatments and professional services were cost-prohibitive and generally reserved for celebrities and the well to do.

Today, memberships have changed the way we think about skincare and who can afford it. And at Skin Bar NYC, we are the only Medspa in New York City that has perfected it.

A gym for your skin

Everybody knows how a gym membership works. You pay a monthly membership fee and gain access to all the training rooms and classes offered. And for those who need a little more accountability to stay motivated or achieve a goal, there are trainers available at an extra fee. The arrangement is pretty straightforward.

The concept in skincare is still pretty new but works the same at Skin Bar NYC. Pay one monthly fee and gain access to all the skincare treatments you need to achieve the skin you have always dreamed of having. And we throw in the trainer and a whole bunch of extras free!

Before memberships, we sold packages of services like every other skincare clinic and Medspa. These packages cost about two thousand dollars. Many times, a client might finish half of the treatments and get the result they wanted. Now there are services just sitting in an account, unused. That’s the problem with packages. They are costly, and it could take a couple of years to use up the services.

Memberships are different. Just like the gym where you switch up your exercise routine, the same is true at Skin Bar—your skin changes day-to-day. Our membership is very flexible, and our experts analyze your skin at every visit to give it what it needs to remain healthy while also working towards your personal goals. It just makes sense.

And instead of reaching into your pocket for thousands of dollars, you pay one low monthly fee. We are saving our members thousands of dollars a year.

Why are memberships so popular?

There are many reasons people go to the gym, but for all the reasons that exist, the one that pays off long term is the health benefits and the confidence that comes with looking good.

And it’s not just gyms and spas that offer the benefits of membership; there are lots of memberships that do the same. My wife loves her Rent-The-Runway membership because it gives her a fresh new wardrobe of her choice every month for a fraction of what it would cost to buy retail. She enjoys the confidence it gives her to walk the New York City streets wearing the latest fashions.

Skin Bar NYC membership does the same for our hundreds of members. Many have been members with us since we started. They stay for years because membership gives them a couple of hours each week of personal time. There is no pain or sweating at Skin Bar. More importantly, they look in the mirror and see the results speak for themselves. Our memberships correct problem skin and stop aging in its tracks.

How does a skincare membership work?

Memberships are simple, and that’s why they work so well. Every month you are charged your membership fee on the first of the month, and your new monthly services are added to your account. Use your services and benefits by the end of the month. And repeat.

But that’s not all. Every month you get over a hundred dollars of extra benefits designed to enhance your results. And they’re free with your membership.

Along the way, your skincare expert will help you find the right combination of services to reach your goals. And we’ll track your goals and results with our imaging device every step of the way—no more guesswork.

How is Skin Bar NYC’s membership different than others?

The difference is enormous. Most memberships I see other skincare clinics and Medspa offer in New York City are very basic and offer no personalization or goal tracking. Most provide a monthly facial or a laser service for a discount in exchange for a long-term commitment—usually six to twelve months.

The consistency of a monthly facial is excellent. And a facial for a discount certainly helps make a skincare routine affordable, but it’s not going to change how you look, and it won’t slow down the effects of aging in any meaningful way.

At Skin Bar NYC, we offer memberships with results as the primary focus. We begin every membership with a skin strategy session and a clear path to your most important goal. Our experts design a treatment plan to reach those goals, and we track your progress with photo technology and scientific data points.

And we don’t have commitments. You can stop or pause your membership anytime. We live by our results, and our members see results, so they stay.

Matthew Pruitt

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