Skin Should be A Gym: Why Memberships Work

Skin Should be A Gym: Why Memberships Work

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If you want the kind of skin your friends will envy you don’t have to look for magic to make it happen. But, it also doesn’t happen in a single visit to your neighborhood’s best spa. Take my word for it. I own the most advanced laser technology available in the cosmetic industry today. An investment of more than $500,000 and hundreds of hours of research. And I can tell you that there is no technology that can solve all your skin concerns or goals in just one treatment.

Some new clients we encounter at my spa, Skin Bar NYC arrive in search of the “silver bullet”. The single treatment powerful enough to remove every blemish accumulated over an entire lifetime. When my skin care specialists explain that skin care is more involved and requires a commitment and some time to achieve specific goals, the reaction is always the same- Shock!

You wouldn't ask your trainer for one workout that would transform your body. Don't ask your skin care specialist to the do impossible. But, imagine this scenario: You walk into an Equinox Gym and ask one of their trainers for a workout that will transform your body in one session. What do you think the trainer’s response would be? Probably a sideways look of disbelief. Chances are you wouldn’t even consider asking the question because you already know that’s not possible. Toning, slimming and muscle gain take time. Right?

Right. Just like your body takes time to respond to new physical exercise, so does your skin. But, here’s the good news. With advances in today’s technology you can achieve just about any skin care goal you have. It just requires commitment and a little time.

Start your skin care program with quality products.Make the commitment. If you really truly want terrific skin it just takes a simple commitment to do two things consistently.
1. You need a strong, convenient home care regimen that is easy, consistent and involves quality products.
2. Seek out a skin care professional and have at least one service a month. The time and cash you invest in a quality skin care service, whether it’s a facial or a laser treatment will drastically speed up the time it takes to reach your goals. And nothing achieves better results than professional grade facials, peels and lasers.

Sound’s expensive? It doesn’t have to be. Facials can set you back hundreds of dollars, but there are other more affordable options like memberships that can bring the cost of a quality facial down to about $100.

Time an issue? Don’t let it be. If you spend two minutes in the morning and at night adhering to your skin care routine, that’s a total of two hours of effort a month to look your best. And if you incorporate into your existing morning and bedtime routine you already do by rote, you won’t even notice!

Now add an hour for a facial, peel or laser treatment and enjoy the blissful relaxation of hot towel treatments, massage in a quiet serene setting, all while your skin is being rejuvenated and your natural glow restored. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Let’s go back to our gym analogy. If you want to transform your body the commitment is time and money, lots of time and money. And lots of exertion, sweat and pain. But it’s worth it because you have a goal. So, you make the commitment.

Make the commitment to skin care. You won't regret it. Doesn’t your skin deserve the same commitment? Of course it does. But, the commitment is much easier. Add a simple at home regimen to your current morning and evening routine and find a great spa that offers high quality, affordable services for a rejuvenating treatment one time a month. It’s NO sweat!

If you want great skin, but you’re not sure where to start, let Skin Bar NYC help you. Our skin care specialists can customize an at home routine that will help you achieve your beauty goals. At Skin Bar NYC, we offer the ultimate skin care program in the form of memberships. Pay a monthly membership fee and choose from any of our services, based on your skin care needs. Our program is designed to ensure that you maintain a consistent skin care program. It’s like having a trainer for your skin. And it’s affordable- memberships start at around $100. Call us today to find out more.

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