How To: Shave Hard To Reach Areas 

 October 20, 2016

By  Matthew Pruitt

Often clients say that shaving before a laser hair removal service is a daunting experience. Especially when it comes to the brazilian bikini area. Most times it’s because we do not know how to reach those places that never see the light of day. Today, I’m going to take you to places you may have never ventured before. The common response to my pre-treatment instructions of shave as much as you want gone down there front and back, is … “Wait huh? You want me to shave where and……what? How?”

Ladies and gentleman if you have ever felt this way, you are not alone. I felt the same way once too. After a decade of laser experience, I can attest, that the results achieved by clients with a proper shave are dramatic. When laser hair removal is performed the laser penetrates the skin and gets absorbed directly into the hair follicle. The best way to get the most energy deep down in there is if the hair is shaved close to the skin. A close shave ensures the laser energy isn’t wasted or absorbed by long strands of hair and the surrounding skin. Not shaving properly can also lead to surfacing scabbing, and who wants that?

I have found the technique described below to be the best way to get down in there and shave that hair. First, you will need a razor, a small mirror, a towel, warm water and shaving gel or cream. Now this next part is up to you. You can either shave in the shower or on the bathroom floor. If you live in NYC shaving in the shower may be tight and you may need some extra spread out room while performing this task.

Position yourself. The bathroom floor is the popular choice. Lay your towel down on the floor and have your warm water, washcloth, razor and gel on standby. It’s time to get up close and personal with yourself.

Position your rear view mirror! Position your mirror on the floor or on top of the toilet to keep your bird’s eye view. Use the mirror to examine the hair and area you are about to shave. It is important to take note of which direction your hair is growing. The front or top of the pubic region is typically easier to see and reach. When you go underneath and behind it can be a bit tricky. I suggest laying on your back and lifting your knee to your chest for those hard to reach places. This makes the side of the leg you are lifting easily accessible. You can lift both at the same time but you may end up twisted like a pretzel.

Get a close shave. Apply warm water with a washcloth, apply shave gel or cream and begin shaving in the direction that the hair is growing. This will lessen your chances for a razor burn and ingrown hairs because you are removing the excess hair first. Wipe the area again with a washcloth then re-apply gel or cream but this time shave in the opposite direction of the hair to get a close shave.

Now calm it down. you did it! Follow up with a soothing and calming post gel or cream. I suggest Phytocorrective Gel Masque or Laser Enzyme Gel for soothing and cooling of your sensitive areas. Both of these gels contain botanicals and a hyaluronic base to provide moisture and rehydrate the area if it’s irritated. Here at Skin Bar, we apply these products in all of our laser treatments to reduce redness and soothe treated areas.

Practice makes perfect. Like I said before, I have a decade of experience and it took me a few shaving rounds to get it right myself. All we ask is that you do your best. If you miss a couple small patches we can always help you touch them up. Shaving properly also saves you money, not only does it ensure your treatments are more effective but you don’t have to pay an additional shaving fee.

The staff and I are always available to answer any of your questions, don’t be embarrassed to call or email if you have questions about shaving or your treatments. We are here to help!

Matthew Pruitt

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