Give Your Skin A Breathe of Fresh Air

June 13, 2018

By Matthew Pruitt

Who doesn’t want to be treated like a celebrity? Never mind. That’s a silly question.

When Skin Bar NYC introduced the Pure Oxygen Facial in 2012 we set out to create something that would make J. Lo and Jennifer Aniston envious. Our goal was to achieve an immediate look worthy of the red carpet. We achieved our goal.

The Pure Oxygen Facial

Our Pure Oxygen Facial brightens and evens skin tone making it vibrant and youthful with an added touch of dew. All the necessary requirements for a successful celebrity look. And the results are immediate. Since the introduction of our Pure Oxygen Facial it has been our most requested facial year after year. And yes, celebrities and models are among those who enjoy its benefits.

But, the benefits are more than skin deep. And that’s what keeps our clients and members coming back for more. Our Oxygen delivery system propels oxygen and nutrients deep into the dermal layer of the skin where it adheres to collagen and elastin to help stimulate the production of healthy new cells.

Here’s how we do it

We begin with a double cleanse to remove makeup, environmental pollutants and surface impurities. Under steam our Skintician’s apply a gentle Vitamin C enzyme to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Now that the skin is cleansed, refreshed and hydrated it’s time for gentle extractions. But not too much, we don’t want to leave the skin with any lingering redness or irritation.

And here’s the twist

The next step is the newest addition to our oxygen protocol. The Oxygenating Facial Masque raises the experience and results of this treatment to a new level. When the masque is applied and exposed to oxygen it begins to bubble. Immediately, you can feel it going to work. Clients liken it to champagne bubbles popping gently on the skin. It’s very relaxing.

But, more than the luxurious feeling of champagne bubbles on your skin, what those bubbles do for the skin is just as important. A burst of plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and a high concentration of botanicals dive deep to oxygenate cells compromised by age and environmental factors.

This new step enhances a proven treatment with proven outcomes. The result is more hydration, more brightening and deeper oxygenation serving as an insurance policy against free radicals and premature aging.

Seeing is believing

We finish with the Pure Oxygen boost adding the dewy glow that can only be achieved with our special oxygen concentrator that converts ambient air into 99% pure oxygen. Our proprietary delivery system combines the converted oxygen with vitamins, minerals and our proprietary activator creating a barrier against environmental toxins.

The effects are immediate and undeniable. Imagine a facial that can prepare your skin for a night on the red carpet while providing lasting antiaging benefits. This facial truly offers the best of both worlds. And now we’ve made it even better!

Matthew Pruitt

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