How To Remove Dark Spots In A Jiffy 

 March 12, 2020

By  Matthew Pruitt

Most people don’t know this, but dark spots and pigmentation more than anything make a person look older than they are, even more than fine lines and wrinkles. That’s probably why there are so many serums and products to combat and lighten dark spots.

Many of these products are very expensive, and they’re results are usually hit and miss. And the ones that work take at least a month to begin showing improvement. In my experience, most people aren’t willing to wait that long for results. For those looking for faster results, Skin Bar NYC has the answer. Or I should say- we have a few answers. Read more below and see if one is a fit for you.


Ask anyone in the beauty industry, and everyone agrees an investment in laser treatments is, without a doubt, the fastest and most effective way to rid yourself of dark spots. But, which laser is the best? It can be confusing with so many options out there. Here’s a quick guide.

IPL Photofacial

The gold standard for treating dark spots is IPL Photofacial. I recommend IPL for freckles and spots that lay close to the surface of the skin.

While it may not technically be a laser, Intense Pulse Light targets pigment. IPL can see dark spots surrounding lighter tissue on the face and eviscerates them without harming the surrounding tissue. Results are evident after the first treatment.

But, IPL isn’t safe for a skin types. The intensity of light can be too much for darker skin types. IPL is perfect for skin lighter skin tones.

Depending on the damage, a series of 3 -5 will reliably rid you of most superficial dark spots.

Fraxel Laser

For my darker skin members, which includes many Hispanic and most African American skin types, there is a safe alternative. It’s called Fraxel. Fraxel is attracted to water, not color, so it totally safe for everyone.

There are several types of Fraxel treatments available. Fraxel Refresh, Fraxel Dual, and Clear & Brilliant are the best at attacking surface damage. These Fraxel treatments work on dark spots because they target the top layers of skin and replace old damaged skin with beautiful new skin.

The benefit of this resurfacing this that Fraxel, unlike IPL, is doing overall skin rejuvenation. I recommend a series of 4-6 treatments for the elimination of most dark spots and total skin rejuvenation.

Fraxel is an excellent choice for clients who have additional underlying conditions plus dark spots. But, if your primary concern is dark spots, IPL is still the best choice.

My recommendation for most of my members is to start with a few IPL’s. Achieve peak results and then shift over to Fraxel Refresh to improve overall skin texture, tone, and pore size. The results are stunning.

Laser Genesis

Genesis is one of the most popular tools in our arsenal, and over time it will improve dark spots, but it isn’t my go-to for clients who’s number one priority is dark spots. Genesis is great for promoting collagen production and improving texture and tone. If your goal is antiaging, there is nothing better than Laser Genesis. It is one of the best antiaging treatments available today.

Facials and Peels


Facials alone won’t do much to remove dark spots. But add a diamondermbrasion or a professional chemical peel, and you can start to make some progress. But, the pace is much slower than laser treatments.

On the other hand, they don’t require any downtime and are safe for all skin types. That is a big plus for some of my celebrity members.


Some peels work great for dark spots and pigmentation. But, the ones that work the best will leave you peeling sheets of skin for up to 5 days. I have a lot of members that love that because they can see the peel working and doing its job. Personally, that’s not for me. I like peels that exfoliate and finish their job before I get off the table. So, depending on your personal preference, deeper peels might be right for you. Before you jump into a series of peels, be sure to consult with your skin care professional for advice.

Wear Sunscreen

After you make the decision and investment to remove the damage, prepare to take steps to protect your investment. Your skin has a memory, just like your muscles. Persistent sun exposure after your treatments is an invitation for those spots to return right back to where they were before. So, wear sunscreen and avoid unnecessary. sun exposure.

Matthew Pruitt

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