Fraxel Refresh® Is Getting A Boost

Fraxel Refresh® Is Getting A Boost

Ask any Dermatologist what they recommend to patients who are serious about anti-aging, and the answer is always sunscreen, retinol, antioxidants, and peptides.

More recently, you might hear another recommendation floating around the corridors of institutes like NYU Medical Center and Columbia. It’s called Growth Factor.

We all know sunscreen protects our delicate birthday suit from harmful ultraviolet rays. And we also know from watching Dr. Oz that Antioxidants protect our body’s cells from free radicals. Retinals have been prescribed for decades because of their proven effectiveness to speed up cellular turnover and block the breakdown of collagen.

What about Bio Peptides and Growth Factors?

They are relatively new entries into the world of anti-aging and skincare. They don’t have quite the same notoriety as the ones mentioned above.

But peptides and growth factors are an essential part of today’s anti-aging discussion. Their primary function is to communicate with skin cells and tell them how to behave. As we age, our cells don’t behave the way they did when we were in our twenties.

That’s because growth factors decline with age, and there aren’t enough of these guys to get the job done. And with fewer elements reminding cells to produce collagen and speed up cell turnover, the aging process takes over.

Can we restore the strength of those signals?

That’s what peptides and growth factors have shown they can do. And that’s why they have become so popular in skincare products. One of the best selling products is our Balancing Bio Peptide Crème derived from apple stem cells.

I have seen the benefits of peptides and growth factors in our skincare and facial products for years. I wondered how they would do in combination with laser treatments — specifically, Fraxel Refresh®.

Several Dermatologists, I spoke to love it for its permeability created by Fraxel’s microscopic wound channels. The hundreds of channels created enable the product to penetrate directly into the skin.  Topically applied products do not allow for the same penetration.

Fraxel solves the permeability puzzle.

Refresh® allows for a direct route into the stratum corneum. The result is better penetration. That means more collagen production, better results and faster healing times.

What does Fraxel Refresh® with Peptides and Growth Factors do for me?

Skin Bar NYC is about results you can see. And we prove it with our fit-skin-photos. Adding these serums inter-treatment will boost collagen production, speed up healing, and repair damage. That’s a pretty good reason to try it!

Skin Bar NYC has collaborated with Hydrafacial, ZO Skin Health and Alastin Skincare offering boosters to treat and correct redness, pigmentation, collagen loss, and improve texture.  These boosters of peptide, growth factor and other kick-ass ingredients will supercharge your Fraxel Refresh® treatment while targeting specific concerns with today’s leading-edge skincare technology.

Here are what’s in our boosters.

Fibroblast growth factor (FGF1): promotes cellular regeneration
Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF): it boosts collagen
Interleukins-10, -13, -15: they help skin heal faster and soothe inflammations
Keratinocyte growth factor 1: stimulates epithelial cell growth
Platelet-derived growth factor: regulates cell growth and division
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-ßI): stimulates collagen production and speeds up wound healing

In other words, growth factors help skin repair itself, boost collagen, and soothe inflammation. All things that help your skin fight wrinkles and stay younger for longer!


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