A case for consistent skin care 

 July 1, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

If you’ve ever had a facial treatment of any kind you probably loved it. You look in the mirror and immediately notice a brighter, healthier you. But, after a couple of weeks that fresh face gives way to the usual dull complexion that landed you in the spa to begin with. Of course you want that fresh face back, but time and money stand in the way of pursuing anything consistent. So, you’ll wait and look forward to next season when you have some down time and a few extra bucks to “treat” yourself at the spa.

Here are 4 reasons to consistently make time for skin care done by a pro.

Exfoliation. Have you ever wondered why the positive effects of a facial don’t last longer? It’s called cellular turn over and it happens every 28 days. Cellular turnover is your body’s process of moving older dead skin to the surface of the dermis to make room for the newly generated, healthy and plump stuff underneath. It’s important to help that process along with exfoliation. Exfoliating removes the old dull layer and allows the newly generated skin to breathe and see the light of day.

Pollution. Ridding yourself of dead skin cells is super important but that’s not the whole story. New York City is one tough place on the skin. In the winter the air is dry and skin becomes chapped. In the summer, perspiration from the heat and humidity and pollution kicked up on the subway platform or buses on the street create some of the harshest conditions for your skin. Sweat and pollution clog pores and encourage breakouts that can be a real bear to manage. Manual extractions done professionally control buildup and eradicate the bacteria that cause breakouts.

Relaxation. For many of us the favorite part of a facial is the massage. It’s calming, relaxing and a great way to relieve the stress of our daily routine. But, did you know that your skin is getting even bigger benefits from the facial massage? You might not know because all the magic is happening beneath the skin. A facial massage activates the lymphatic drainage system moving waste away from the head towards the heart for swift removal from the body. Blood flow is increased during treatment and continues well after. And fresh blood flow speeds the removal of waste and increases oxygen and nutrients to your skin. The results are a fresh face with less puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Get with the times. Your skin is constantly in flux. A result of the environment, hormones, age and lifestyle. A professional skin care specialist is trained to identify where the trouble areas exist and has the tools to address and correct them. Many people have an oily t-zone in the summer. This is the area on the forehead and nose that no matter what you do it is always shiny, prone to breakouts and littered with blackheads. Most DIY skin tips suggest a clay mask to control production of oil, but used on the entire face one may unwhittingly be drying areas around the chin and jawline inadvertently causing breakouts. A skin care professional can recommend the right suggestions for combination skin.

You might be thinking- these are all great points, but I still don’t have the time or the money to do these things consistently. That might have been true in the past. After all a treatment at Red Door Spa can run a cool $300-$500 and as much as $1,500 at The Mandarin Oriental. But, there is a new concept, pioneered at Skin Bar NYC. The philosophy is simple. Skin care is not a luxury reserved for the rich or a resort vacation, it’s a necessity for good health and a positive self-image. They were the first to offer a membership program for skin care. “It’s a gym membership for your skin,” explains Matthew Pruitt, owner of Skin Bar. “Complete with a trainer for your skin and every type of technology and product you need to achieve- Fit Skin.” And it’s all offered for as little as $99 a month. The membership services are scheduled every month to ensure consistency in skincare. If your skin care specialist hasn’t heard from you in a couple of weeks someone from Skin Bar reaches out to you with a friendly reminder. Membership is a way to give your skin everything you need at price you can afford. Today, many spas offer memberships like the ones developed by Skin Bar. If time and money have left you with a spotty skincare routine, give Skin Bar a call and book a complimentary Fit-Skin-Analysis.

Matthew Pruitt

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