Two Hours A Month For The Skin Of Your Dreams 

 May 20, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

If I told you you could have the skin of your dreams with 2 hours of work each month, would you believe me? Would you think that two hours a month of work can remove years of sun damage and wrinkles? Do you believe that two hours of work on your skin can rewind the clock ten years?

If your answer is- that’s too good to be true, you wouldn’t sound crazy.

What if I told you that you could have all this with two hours of work and the best part is you won’t even do any of the work? Now that sounds crazy! But that’s what we do for our members every day at Skin Bar NYC.

Imagine looking better today than you did ten years ago. I’m not suggesting that a forty-year-old client would look twenty again. I’m saying that you can naturally look ten years younger and better than all your contemporaries. It’s true, and results happen with just two hours of services performed at Skin Bar NYC each month.

Listen to longtime member Trice’s testimonial below:

How do we do it?

It isn’t magic. It’s a well-curated combination of treatments plus consistency that yields results you can see every day. And it’s bundled in a membership that makes the most advanced technology affordable so that consistency isn’t a problem.

It all starts with a goal. Your goal and current skin condition will determine the proper treatment plan.

If you want creamy clear skin, we’ll begin with a Fraxel Refresh or IPL Photofacial series to even skin tone and improve the quality and texture.

Are wrinkles your main concern? Laser Genesis and 4D Facial are the go-to for erasing fine lines and smoothing out wrinkles.

Maybe you are beginning to notice a sagging jawline and flattening cheeks when you look in the mirror. Gravity takes its toll after decades of life on this planet. But we can combine our 4D Facial technology and Laser Genesis to lift that jawline and plump those cheeks.

And the best thing is results start with the first treatment. You don’t have to wait months to begin to see the skin of your dreams.

Results you can see.

In the first month, you will experience smoother, healthier skin. It will appear brighter and have a natural glow. And it will feel soft to the touch. That’s just after the first month.

Within three months, you will achieve your primary goal. And if you maintain your two-hour routine, your results will only get better. And before you know it, your small investment of time and money will allow you to slow down aging so much that you will look like you have not aged ten years from now.

Why are we so confident? Because we have been delivering reliably predictable results for over twelve years now. Our success rate is 90%, and our average member has been with us for more than five years.

We have the proof.

If those numbers sound impressive to you, then that’s pretty good proof our antiaging system works. At Skin Bar NYC, we believe in science, and we use science to show you your progress every three months. We use an imaging system that analyzes and compares pigmentation, texture, pores size, wrinkles, and even acne-causing bacteria to demonstrate your progress. So, you don’t have to take our word for it. These are results you can see!

Who is this antiaging system good for?

It’s never too early to think about preserving your youth. And it’s never too late either. Our antiaging system is best for people who have started to notice a change in how they look. Similar to the examples above. These are men and women between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five. If you have a clear goal and two hours a month to commit to your goals, then this system is perfect for you.

How do I start?

It all starts with a goal. You can’t achieve the skin of your dreams without a clear purpose. Then, you need to commit two hours a month to your skincare plan. Once you have done that, the rest is easy.

Just call Skin Bar NYC for a skincare strategy session and leave the rest to us!

Matthew Pruitt

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