Get smooth

Dare to go Bare! Our Laser Hair Removal treatments will get you beautifully bare everywhere.

$200 value only $99+tax

( First time clients only.)

Here’s how it works.

Flexibility at last!

Laser hair removal memberships are sold by small, medium, and large areas.

You get one treatment each month, and you can use it on any area within the category. For example: You have a small membership you can use your monthly treatment on any small area.

Small memberships: Aereola, Bikini, Cheeks, Chin, Ears, Feet, Fingers, Forehead, Hands, Jawline,Lip, Navel, Neck(back), Neck(front), Nose, Sideburns, Thong Line, Toes, Underarms, or Uni-brow

Medium memberships: Choose from these areas – Abdomen, Women’s Brazilian Bikini , Breasts, Extended Bikini, Full Face, Full Beard, Lower Back, Shoulders, Half Arms, Half Legs, or Chest

Large Memberships:  Buttocks, Full Arms, Full Back, Shoulders and Neck,  Chest and Abdomen or Manzilian (Men’s Brazilian)


Exclusive membership bennys


  • Flexibility:Use the treatment on any area listed.
  • Priority Scheduling: You are able to book appointments online 3 days before the general public.
  • Discount:10% off all products and Free Shipping, 15% off all services, and Exclusive Member deals.
  • Rewards: Earn Skin Bar Rewards Points when you book online.

Limited online offer. Try the membership risk free

Give it a try. If you love it. Keep it. If not, ditch it. The trial membership is commitment free.

$300 value for only $59-$149+tax

( Call to redeem.)

photo booth

Not sure what’s right for you?

Jump into our photobooth for free

It tells you cool stuff like how fast your skin is aging and what treatments would have the greatest impact on your skin.

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