Erase scars

Scars from acne can seem like double punishment. First you had to deal with the acne. Now you have pockmarks as a reminder. The good news is you don’t have to live with the reminders.

With Laser Scar treatment the focus is on developing new collagen in the lower layer of skin. This fills the scars from the bottom up with new structure under the skin. After treatment, the skin regenerates, coming back firmer, fuller, and smoother. Acne, surgical, or virtually any scar becomes a thing of the past.

Treatment Options

  • Fraxel – the best option if you have acne scars and want to see dramatic results.
  • Laser Genesis – pain free option that stimulates collagen production and evens out the skin tone over of extended period of time
  • Diamond Dermabrasion – stimulates blood flow, and breaks down scar tissue by sloughing off dead skin cells

Maintaining Your New Skin

Correcting and maintaining your young skin doesn’t just happen at Skin Bar. It’s an ongoing process that extends to your Home Skin Care Regimen. Find a cocktail of products from the Skin Bar Shop that ensures even skin tone after your IPL Photofacial treatment.

  • Elta MD SPF sunscreen – to protect from sun damage
  • Advance Pigment Corrector – to prevent unwanted pigmentation
  • Epidermal Repair – to soothe and protect skin after laser treatments

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