Skin bars’s #1 focus is results. To help you see and measure your results we encourage all clients to jump in, and start tracking your progress. The benefits include:

  • See what treatments will have the greatest impact
  • Measures pore size, discoloration, wrinkles
  • Uses ultraviolet light to show sun damage beneath the surface of your skin
  • Eliminates the guesswork. You can scientifically see your results.
  • Ensures that your money not wasted
  • Track progress
  • Nip budding problems before they bloom

How it works

The session takes about 30 min. Your Skinticion will take six pictures of your face, two from the front, left, and right side. The first picture will capture what’s on top of your skin. Measuring pore size, evenness of skin tone, and wrinkles. The second picture will show you the damage underneath the top layer of your skin. This showcases sun damage. Then as time passes you can pop in and have another session. This allows you to compare the photos side by side. Giving you with a objective way to measure your progress.

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Good to know

Although you can you can keep your skin looking vibrant, for decades longer that your Mother could, you will still age. In the first year of treatments you might see dramatic differences in your photo booth pictures. ( Clearing up active acne breakouts and discoloration make for dramatic before and afters!) After you have corrected all the damage and have flawless skin the photobooth is still good to use. However, at this stage, the photobooth is used to nip small imperfections in the bud.  Over the long term, 5y +,  the goal is for the pictures look similar. This gives you clear proof that you are slowing down how fast your skin is aging.