Bye bye unwanted hair

Are you tired of constantly trying to remove your hair at endless cost? Come find a permanent solution at Skin Bar. We offer laser hair removal for every part of the body you can imagine. With one of our hair removal memberships, we can guarantee that you can say goodbye to your hair forever.

Count on State-of-the-Art Hair Removal

We use the latest technology to remove your hair. The Cynosure Apogee Elite is the latest in laser hair removal technology. It’s flexible enough to work on any area of your body, no matter how delicate your skin. And it’s sensitive enough to work safely on any skin type.

Good to know

It takes 6-12 treatments to completely remove 70%-90% of unwanted hair. The number of treatments is different depending on area of your body, thickness of hair, and hair growth cycle. There are several different Bare Naked Memberships available for laser hair removal. It all depends on the size of the area you’re targeting.

Small Area:
Underarms, Bikini, Chin,Forehead, Lip, Jawline, Hands, Feet, Toes, Uni-brow, Fingers, Cheeks, Nose, Navel, Areola, Thong Line

Medium Area:
Brazilian Bikini, Half Legs, Abdomen, Shoulders,Breasts, Extended Bikini, Chest, Full Face, Full Neck, Full Beard, Lower Back

Large Area:
Buttocks, Shoulders and Neck, Full Arms, Chest and Abs, Full Back-Manzilian


Maintaining Your New Skin

Skin Bar is more than just removing your hair. We are also concerned about taking care of your skin. After your Laser Hair Removal treatment, please go to the Skin Bar Shop to purchase a product that will help protect your newly sensitive skin.

  • Elta MD SPF sunscreen – to protect from sun damage
  • Advance Pigment Corrector – to prevent unwanted pigmentation
  • Epidermal Repair – to soothe and protect skin after laser treatments

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