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 January 26, 2017

By  Matthew Pruitt

Laser hair removal clients in New York City consider many questions before they ever step into my spa. But one I never hear is “What area should I do first?” Well, that answer depends on the weather.

It’s winter in New York City and the busiest season for laser hair removal. Why? Let me explain.

Timing is important.

Laser hair removal is a process. The typical number of sessions needed to achieve 80-90% permanent hair removal is six to eight. These sessions are scheduled four to six weeks apart. So, if you begin treatment in December your bikini (ladies) and your back (fellas) will be complete right about the time summer is in full swing.

Imagine how satisfying it is when our clients don their bathing suits for the first time, hair-free and more hydrodynamic than a dolphin. Imagine never being worried about embarrassing razor rash and ingrown hairs. These are just two of the benefits that laser hair removal offers to those who get started in the winter months.

Treat exposed areas first.

Warmer months means wearing less and exposing more of your body. Your arms, legs and face get lots of airtime in the summer months, and lasers and sun exposure don’t mix. This is why we recommend starting with these areas in the winter months. As the warmer months approach, those areas will be hair-free and you can begin work on other areas that don’t see the light of day. You can read between the lines.

Planning your laser treatments this way makes for a very easy timetable and a predictable outcome.

Consider razor rash and razor burn.

Many clients at Skin Bar NYC have laser hair removal for reasons that go beyond convenience and saving money. Laser results are permanent and will save you a mint over your lifetime, but for clients who suffer from razor burn and irritation, they see laser as a necessity. If you shave your back or bikini and you suffer from these side effects, laser is something you should strongly consider.

If you enjoy the sun in the summer you should consider starting on more than one area. And if you wear a bikini you are going to want to be hair-free on your legs and your bikini lines. This will ensure you rid yourself of pesky hair and embarrassing razor rash. You’ll enjoy summer with a level of confidence you have always dreamed of.

And when it’s done, it’s done.

Let’s say you started your treatments in December or January. You can be as smooth as you want, anywhere you want, in time for summer. But, that’s not even the best part. The best part is that laser is permanent. So, you will be hair-free this summer, next summer and the summer after that! Time’s ticking… better get started.

If you want to be hair-free but you’re not sure where to start, let Skin Bar NYC help you. At Skin Bar NYC we offer the ultimate laser hair removal program in the form of memberships. Pay a monthly membership fee and choose the area you want de-fuzzed. Our membership is designed to ensure that you maintain a consistent treatment program focused on results. And it’s affordable: memberships start at $59. Call us today for a FREE consultation and a FREE test treatment.

Matthew Pruitt

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