Introducing 4-D Facelift + Laser Genesis 

 March 3, 2021

By  Matthew Pruitt

If your goal is to lift, smooth, and even your complexion, then the newest Dual Therapy
treatment will give you all those things in a single session. We combine 4-D Facelift with
Laser Genesis to achieve results that will make you look like you just returned from
vacation—refreshed, bright and youthful.

4-D Facelift

4-D Facelift tightens and lifts drooping skin in the cheek area and sagging skin along the
jawline, as its name suggests. It also gives a natural lift above the brow line and around
the eyes.

These age-defying results are made possible with a carefully choreographed series of
steps that include Diamondermabrasion, Ultrasound Therapy, Microcurrent, and LED
Light Therapy.

First, we target the top layers of skin with Diamondermabrasion to gently exfoliate the
skin, whisking away dead cells and environmental pollution. Next, we use ultrasound
waves to stimulate blood flow while delivering nutrient-rich serums deep into the skin
where they are needed most. And LED Light therapy speeds up the repair of damaged
cells and calms redness.

Microcurrent is Low-level pulses of electrical current that stimulate the facial muscles
under your skin. As we age, muscles in our body weaken, and our face is no exception.
Our highly trained skin care experts target the exact muscles along the jawline, cheek
bones, eyes, and forehead for a total workout that results in a natural gravity-defying lift
that you can see immediately.

When we perform this treatment at Skin Bar NYC, we treat the face's right side first and
show the change before completing the full look. Who doesn't love seeing instant

The first half of your treatment is complete. You should already see a brighter, more
youthful-looking you. We have addressed the issues that make your skin look dull and
improve your face's contours for an overall lift. Now we are going to focus our attention
on the deeper layers of your skin and volume.

Laser Genesis

As we age, we lose critical facial volume. Laser Genesis helps reverse that loss and
maintain it. Genesis slowly increases the temperature below the surface of the skin.
This process promotes collagen production, making your skin more full and filling in fine
lines and wrinkles, thereby addressing many clients' volume concerns.

And that's not all. Genesis improves your skin's overall health and appearance,
reducing the appearance of pores, sun spots, and even scars.

This dual treatment addresses the three leading causes of aging skin in one treatment.
And the results will be evident after your first visit. And the results will improve with each
subsequent treatment. We recommend two treatments each month for 3-6 months.

Within the first thirty days, you will see a noticeable change in how your skin feels and
looks. After about three months, you will begin to look as young as you feel. And after
six months, you're going to achieve the skin of your dreams. Then all you need to do is
maintain the new you!

Schedule a skin strategy session to find out if 4-D facial + Laser Genesis is right for you.
And find out how membership can make these treatments affordable for almost any

Matthew Pruitt

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