Combination Therapy is Nothing New at Skin Bar NYC 

 September 19, 2019

By  Matthew Pruitt

Combining treatments and lasers is all the rage today in the skincare world. At Skin Bar NYC, we first introduced combination treatments to our acne suffering members. We combined Isolaz laser with a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, and the results were astonishing. After only two treatments members returned with dramatically clearer skin and breakouts were reduced to a pimple here or there. It was nothing short of amazing.

That was over nine years ago. Since our initial success, we have added other combination treatments like our perennially popular 4D facial. This service combines four different methods of antiaging technology to lift, brighten, and rejuvenate. The results of a 4D Facial are visible after the first treatment. Another winning combination is Laser Genesis + Custom Facial. If you have been a member for any period, then you’re already familiar with this one.

This summer, your Skinticians have been experimenting with more combinations, and we will be rolling them out in the next few weeks along with a new membership. In the meantime, if you haven’t already started combining treatments, here are a few reasons to consider starting. Oh, and if you aren’t sure what combination of treatments is right for you, please let us know. We will curate a winning combination specifically tailored to you.

Why Choose Combination Treatments Vs. Single treatments?

The deep cleansing effects of a facial or the exfoliation of a chemical peel, reveal the stratum corneum layer of skin, thus allowing laser and light energy to penetrate more readily and more efficiently into the skin.

The type of facial you choose doesn’t matter since all our facials include the same necessary steps. But peels are different because some peels don’t play well with lasers. Let your Skintician chose the right facial/peel for what your skin needs. Then we’ll combine the laser service suited to your overall goal. IPL for sun damage and broken capillaries or Laser Genesis for large pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Microcurrent is the go to for lifting and tightening. while Fraxel is perfect for overall skin resurfacing.

When we talk about Fraxel, it is a little different. Fraxel is a laser skin resurfacing treatment that works by creating hundreds of microscopic wounds all over the face. Your body’s natural defenses go to work to heal the wounds and dramatically increase cell turn over and skin regeneration. The results of Fraxel alone are amazing, but we use the opportunity to supercharge the results by adding today’s cutting edge serums to be absorbed right after the treatment. The serums penetrate directly into the tiny wounds to work at a much deeper level than just applying directly to the skin. We are introducing several serums for the most pressing antiaging issues our members discuss.

Follow up with a Dermaplane and Microcurrent 2 weeks later, and you’ll feel like new!

Combining Treatments Maintains Results and Saves Time.

We have found that the number one factor in achieving great skin and a youthful glow is consistency. The next most significant factor, selecting the proper technology to achieve the desired outcome. Attacking the problem from more than one angle ensures predictable outcomes.

We have tested the results of clients who add LED light therapy to their appointments routinely. These members’ progress is notably faster than those who didn’t add LED therapy to their visits. Bye, the way did I mention LED therapy is free with every membership!

Once our members have achieved desired results we typically switch them to a combination treatment to maintain results. Our very busy members love this switch because they only have to visit the spa once instead of twice a month. And combination treatments usually take just an hour and a half.

Results That You Can See.

As you know by now, our whole reason for existing at Skin Bar NYC is to achieve the results you want to see. That’s why we have the fit-skin-photo-sessions periodically to review your results and show you where the investment you have made in your skincare has gone. If it has been a while since you have had a photo session schedule one before your next visit.

Matthew Pruitt

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