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The Definitive DIY Guide To Stop Acne Breakouts: Part 3

If you’ve been following the steps from the two previous posts, and you’ve finally managed to keep your acne breakouts at bay; it’s time to do damage control. If you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for just yet, that’s okay. Keep following the program and they will come.

If you see noticeable improvement: your breakouts are under control and your skin has calmed down, you’re probably wondering what’s next. Any damage your acne might have left behind, will need correcting, and now would be the perfect time to do it.

Acne damage can come in two forms


Hyperpigmentation occurs when little patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin.

Pockmarks (or acne scars)

Pockmarks are scars acne can leave behind wherever it appears on the skin. The scars can be small, deep holes, or wide, shallow indentations.

If you suffer from either of these damaging after-effects of acne, fear not; there are ways to treat both.

Hyperpigmentation is the easiest of the two to get rid of. Because it is most often superficial, a regimen of facials, peels, and/or Diamond Dermabrasion could yield your desired result. These work by gently removing the top layer(s) of the skin to even out skin tone and texture. Since they are less aggressive, you may need quite a few treatments to see results.

If this option sounds like the right fit for you, a good treatment to try would be a Lightening Lift, which uses lactic acid as well as lightening and brightening agents to even out pigmentation and reduce brown spots. You could also try Diamond Dermabrasion, which uses a diamond tipped wand to erase dead skin cells, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

Need something a little stronger, and to work a little faster?

Another option to reduce hyperpigmentation, as well as pockmarks (acne scars), would be laser treatments. These work by using light and energy to resurface the skin and even out tone and texture. The best laser treatments for this would be an IPL Photofacial, Laser Genesis, or Fraxel.


An IPL Photofacial uses a series of intense pulse light to stimulate collagen, reduce sun damage, age spots, and rosacea, leaving you with a healthier, more radiant skin. It essentially finds the dark spots on your face, and targets them in particular to even your complexion.

Laser Genesis

Laser genesis is a rejuvenating laser treatment that treats large pores, balances uneven skin tones and pigmentation, heals acne scarring, and stimulates collagen production. The collagen production is essential for healing up those pockmarks, as it works to fill in those holes and indents left by your acne.

Both IPL and Laser Genesis work to heal and remove scarring. To see visible results, you would need a minimum of 10 treatments.


Fraxel laser treatments work to get rid of troublesome scarring by creating many micro wounds that stimulate the skin to heal itself. Fraxel actually comes in three different types;

• Fraxel Restore – Fraxel Restore goes deep into the skin to rebuild and regenerate the collagen that was lost to scarring.

• Fraxel Dual – Fraxel Dual works on pigment. Over time it removes, discolorations, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation.

• Fraxel Clear and Brilliant – Similar to the Dual, Fraxel Clear and Brilliant works to reduce and remove discoloration and hyperpigmentation. The difference is the amount of passes required is significantly less than the Dual, allowing for a shorter period of down time.

Of all of the laser treatments I’ve mentioned, Fraxel will work the fastest to get rid of your acne damage. These treatments usually require anywhere from 4 to 6 treatments, spread 4 to 6 weeks apart.

All of these laser treatments are recommended for mild to moderate acne.

Unfortunately, for severe acne and acne scarring, these treatments will most likely not bring results. In these cases, fillers are recommended. Fillers work to inject hyaluronic acid into the skin to fill and plump up those areas that have deep scarring.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the human body. It attracts and binds moisture and is capable of holding 1,000 times its own weight in water which can help to smooth and plump the skins texture and appearance.

Remember, getting clear skin is more of a journey than a destination so don’t get ahead of yourself! Controlling your acne is first before correcting any damage. If you’re still struggling with breakouts, any of the aforementioned treatments could actually make things worse!

A good treatment to try in order to get rid of some of that pesky bacteria that continuously causes breakouts, is a Pure Oxygen Facial. This facial works by first applying an assortment of vitamins, and other skin healing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, onto the skin, then using oxygen, a natural antibacterial, to penetrate the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and your skin cool and calm.
Now that you have all of these steps at your disposal, you should have no trouble managing your skincare and keeping your acne under control. Remember, there is no better cure for acne (and acne scarring) than consistent treatment, so make sure to keep up with whatever treatments you decide to do, and you’ll be on your way to happier and healthier skin in no time.

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