Hydrafacial + Laser Genesis = The best spa treatment in New York City.

Hydrafacial + Laser Genesis = The best spa treatment in New York City.

Hydrafacial + Laser Genesis = The best spa treatment in New York City.


For years we have been combining facials and peels with lasers to achieve results that our members can see.

Our most effective treatments were bourne from a challenge. Our busy members asked us to find a way to reduce the number of visits per month from 2 to 1. For years we have experimented and tested more combinations than I can remember. But we love doing it.

So, now we are at it again. After recently introducing the Hydrafacial, we are once again combining technologies into a single visit that delivers even better results.

And these services take less time out of your day.

Yes, you heard me right. Better results in less time!

At Skin Bar, we believe that change happens with consistency and leading-edge technology. In fact, we’ve proved it. Educating New York City about consistent skincare is our purpose for existing. That’s why we created the membership model years ago, and it is stronger than ever.

The Importance of Facials

Any skincare plan worth its salt is anchored in high-quality facials and peels. That’s because facials cleanse deep and remove layers of dead cells, oil, sebum, and pollution that accumulate every day in this concrete jungle we call home. Facials also deliver the nutrients, vitamins, and hydration your skin desperately needs to drink on the regular. Especially for all of us over the age of 30, as our skin has a tougher time retaining moisture and producing nutrients naturally. Over time facials also help the skin maintain predictable PH levels that reduce breakouts, blemishes, and that shiny t-zone that drives you crazy. Plus facials reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores and even out skin tone. What’s not to love about that.

Peels Are Proven

Peels pick up where facials leave off. They have one primary goal. Exfoliate. Depending on the strength of the peel, they can do moderate work, or they can make you peel like a snake for a week. At Skin Bar NYC, the most potent peel we offer is a modified Jessner peel. Considered a medium peel, it penetrates below the epidermis to the reticular of the dermis. That’s the layer between the epidermis and dermis.

The idea with peels is to remove damage. Sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles, and just about anything else you can think of. Peels are versatile, and we reach for them often. Our Skinticians are experts at customizing the best peel for the condition you want to correct.

Laser Genesis

One of our most popular treatments is Laser Genesis. Genesis does magic that no facial or peel can do. Low laser energy penetrates deep into the dermal layer, increasing temperatures that stimulate your body to produce more collagen. This results in glowing skin, reduced fine lines, even skin tone, smaller pores, and reduced redness.
Basically, Genesis will take years off your face or keep you looking younger for a lot longer.

Hydrafacial + Laser Genesis

Hydrafacial, combined with Genesis, brings all 3 of these amazing treatments together in one visit. This is truly revolutionary. Results are visible after the first treatment.

Hydrafacial is a 30-minute facial that combines deep pore cleansing and exfoliation with a chemical peel, extractions, and infusion of hyaluronic acid and peptides. And all of these steps are delivered with hydrating elixirs that your skin is thirsty for. So, drink up!

Depending on your skin type, Laser Genesis may be performed before the Hydrafacial or sandwiched in between one of the steps above. Either way, your skin is going to get the added advantage of one of the best antiaging treatments on the planet. Genesis works in the deeper layers of the skin to slow aging and the break down of collagen and build new collagen.

This is a game changer. But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself. Call today to see if it’s included in your membership.

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