LED Light Therapy Available at Skin Bar NYC

LED Light Therapy Available at Skin Bar NYC

This summer Skin Bar NYC is introducing a new service to our members and clients. LED light Therapy  perfect addition to our broad list of advanced treatments and lasers. Introducing LED light Therapy!

First developed by NASA to speed up wound healing, LED Therapy also had the unintended consequence of skin rejuvenation. Today LED (light emitting diode) therapy has evolved into a hugely popular treatment for conditions ranging from acne and wrinkles to pain management.

LED light therapy is a great standalone treatment or in conjunction with laser treatments, facials, microcurrent and Isolaz for more enhanced results. Treatment is safe, painless, requires no downtime and takes 30 minutes to perform. Most clients fall asleep listening to their favorite music.

Done before and after more invasive treatments like Fraxel or Botox and fillers, LED Therapy speeds up healing time, reducing inflammation and bruising, while enhancing outcomes.


LED Light Therapy works at the source of breakouts- destroying acne causing bacteria and preventing future breakouts before they happen. The blue light wavelength of LED therapy penetrates through the epidermis promoting cellular turnover and killing P. acne bacteria.

LED Therapy is scheduled two or three times a week for four to six weeks for best results. LED light therapy for acne can be performed immediately after a deep pore cleansing facial or Isolaz for enhanced results while also correcting damage from previous breakouts. Led Therapy can also be done as a standalone treatment between Isolaz sessions.


Red light penetrates deep into the dermal layer boosting the production of collagen and elastin to the levels of a person in their twenties.

Collagen is what gives the skin bounce and fullness. Wrinkles appear as our bodies collagen production decreases and existing collagen weakens. The wavelength of red light LED Therapy jump starts the bodies collagen producing process to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Elastin is the stuff that keeps our skin tight and lifted. Elastin production slows just like collagen. And just like collagen, red light LED Therapy helps reverse the signs of aging speeding up the production of elastin resulting in tighter skin.

In addition to increased collagen and elastin production, LED light Therapy improves uneven skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores and brightens the skin.

LED Therapy is scheduled two to three times a week for six to eight weeks for optimal outcomes. Sessions are thirty minutes each. LED light therapy is great when performed in conjunction with facials, IPL, Laser Genesis, Fraxel, Botox or 4-D facial. Ask you Skintician for a customized plan.

Post Botox and Fillers

LED light therapy was originally developed to speed up healing of damaged cells. These healing properties make it perfect for post laser and post injectables. Some clients experience bruising and swelling at the site of injection that can last a few days. Treating with LED Therapy immediately post treatment can significantly reduce swelling and bruising. We say why not!

LED Light Therapy is a great standalone service but requires many treatments to achieve meaningful results. When it is combined with facials, lasers and injectables there is a noticeable boost in our outcomes. We have researched this technology for many months. Our thorough investigation and testing has led us to determine that LED Therapy is best suited as an adjunct service. That means the best results are achieved in conjunction with our other featured services. LED light gives another huge advantage as we continue to focus on results. Long story short- LED light will help us achieve our clients goals faster.

At Skin Bar NYC, LED Light will be available to add into any service for a small fee. These sessions will be scheduled for 30 minutes. LED light can be performed pretreatment and post treatment. It can be done between appointments or just about any time. There are no known side effects associated with LED Therapy, so the more treatments you have the brighter your skin will be.

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