24kt Gold Facial

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24kt Gold Facial


This month Skin Bar turns 10! And to celebrate we have curated our most luxurious facial ever. Introducing the 24kt Gold Facial. Available exclusively at Skin Bar for a limited time.

Our 24kt Gold Facial will transcend you to a time when woman reigned as queens and goddesses. This treatment is so luxurious, Cleopatra would be envious. This ultimate anti-aging facial is designed to plump and illuminate your skin from within. One hour of gold infused bliss will leave your skin visually lifted and silky smooth to the touch.

The 24kt Gold Facial combines the typical steps of most facials plus an added twist, elevating it to new heights. But, more on that later.

I like to think of this facial as the ultimate anti-aging facial. Here’s what it will do for you.

Gold has been used for centuries as a beautifying agent. That’s because gold reawakens the bodies natural anti-aging mechanisms while strengthening the skin’s natural defenses. Gold also increases blood circulation and accelerates the removal of toxins and waste while reversing oxidative damage. The result is clear, youthful looking and feeling skin.

We’re gonna treat you like gold.

We begin with a facial cleanse, followed by gentle exfoliation with Lumina Crystal. Steam and extractions ensure squeaky clean pores. Our 24kt Gold Toner brings your skins PH level to balance, preparing it to absorb the anti-aging benefits of pure gold.

Our Skinticians massage 24kt Gold leaf into your skin and penetrate the precious mineral into your dermis with 24kt Gold Serum. This double dose of gold combined with Hyaluonic Acid gives an immediate boost of hydration and antioxidants proven to fight environmental toxins and sun damage.

Next, we apply our gold masque to your face and neck. While it sets, your Skintician will perform a relaxing massage.

After your masque is removed, moisturizer is applied and for a final touch, Cryo Globe Therapy is performed, closing the pores and sealing in minerals and products for lasting results.

The 24kt Gold Facial is perfect for anyone who needs some serious pampering, members in their 30’s and 40’s or clients with dry or sun damaged skin. It’s also prefect for our pregnant members and clients attending special events like weddings or galas.


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