Don’t Let Halloween Makeup Tarnish Your Glow

Don’t Let Halloween Makeup Tarnish Your Glow

It’s October and we couldn’t be more excited! With Halloween right around the corner there’s really nothing else you can think about except where you’re going to spend it and what you’re going to wear. It’s fun to see how quickly people get into this Halloween spirit, as we’ve seen ton of Halloween make-up ideas all over social media already!

These pictures serve as great inspirational photos for your next Halloween make-up idea. And let’s pretend for a second that we can recreate these looks on ourselves. There are somethings you need to take into consideration when prepping for the pounds of makeup that might be put on your face. Here is what we recommend:

To start, make sure your face is properly hydrated and moisturized before you apply any face paint or makeup. This minimizes any drying out and cracking of makeup throughout the night. For this we recommend using the product Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer.

When applying makeup, be sure to use clean brushes, especially if you are borrowing from someone else or if a friend is helping you create your Halloween look. Be careful around the eyes, as the pigments in costume makeup can be irritating.

Keeping these tips in mind will be very useful in ensuring your skin is completely exposed to the ingredients in costume makeup. However, just as important, if not more, is what you do after a night out with makeup on. Here’s what you need to pay mind to:


Remove Your Makeup.

Apply enough remover to cover the skin and let it sit for a minute. This gives the remover some time to really sink into your makeup and break it down. Next, take a large cotton pad saturated with warm water, and gently wipe over the face in outward sweeping motions. Don’t be too rough with your skin, so refrain from pulling or tugging. For this we recommend using the product Garnier Micellar Water.


Cleanse Your Skin.

One of the most important steps is cleansing-to remove layers of costume makeup, use a gentle cleanser to drive out impurities such as dirt, oil, and makeup residue so that they’re not left to clog your pores later. We recommend using the Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser.


Toning Your Skin.

Make sure to run a toner on your face after cleansing. This leaves your pores clean and less noticeable. Use Thayer’s Witch Hazel for this step.


Use a Mask.

After you removed your Halloween glam, your skin deserves a bit more attention. The Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Mask. This mask exfoliates dead skin cells, moisturizes, and creates a natural glow.


If you follow these procedures before and after you slay your Halloween makeup this year, your skin will thank you. And no need to thank us, we’re just happy to ensure you have boo-tiful skin all year long no matter what the occasion!

But we’re not done yet! Here at Skin Bar we have two fan favorite facials that clients come back year after year to get done. Nothing says Happy Halloween like a Pumpkin Peel that is included in our Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial which is designed to brighten your skin and smells so delicious you’ll want to lick your face!

A Microcurrent facial is another client favorite for regeneration therapy. This not only helps blood circulation but it stimulates collagen and tightens and lifts the skin too. This treatment is great for a little morning after party attention.

Whether you’re a witch, a cop, or a super hero your skin still needs your care in order to stay healthy. Halloween might be scary but your skin doesn’t have to be. And remember, here at Skin Bar there are no tricks, just treats!

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