What to pack for labor day weekend

What to pack for labor day weekend

Beautiful skin is every woman’s dream and here at Skin Bar, we totally get that! Nothing will make you look as flawless as actually treating your skin. With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s hard to imagine that beach days and sun tans are practically over. Even though summer is coming to an end, luckily your skin care doesn’t have to! It’s bittersweet planning your Labor Day weekend and we’re here to help!

We won’t tell you where to go, that’s up to your heart’s desire! But we have a tip or two about what to pack wherever you land.


If we’re being honest, sure there will be plenty of water wherever you choose to go but we’re not talking about the mouth full you get when you accidentally open your mouth while diving into the pool. We’re talking about yes, actual drinkable water! This is mentioned first, as it is probably the most important. If you do nothing else, at least carry water with you!

Moisturizer and Hydration Serum.

Moisture is your skin’s best friend! You’d think that by drinking water you’d have all your dehydration problems solved (If only it were that simple). Although yes it a very important part, it is not the only thing you should do to prevent dehydration! Ageless Hyaluronic Filler is made for hydration and when something is made for something. You just don’t question it. This could easily be your go-to after a night out on the town, or right before flying a plane, when hydration is most needed.

A hat.

Sounds obvious but a lot of people don’t know how much a simple hat can prevent you from. The sun’s rays are very powerful and even though we worry more about our bodies burning, our faces are the most sensitive part of our bodies and what need most protection. If we could prevent the sun from having full access to what I like to call “our money makers”, than why wouldn’t we? Seriously, put a hat on. We’ll even let you pick which ever type you want. Unless it’s a fedora. In that case, we’re totally judging you.

Make-up Remover.

We know, it’s hard especially on vacation to remember to remove your face before you sleep. But none the less it needs to be done. Sleeping with makeup on not only ensures clogged pores but will also lead to acne prone skin. Please don’t be the one to make this mistake. The Gentle Cleanser by SkinCeuticals is the ideal product for cleansing as well as removing make-up! It’s the perfect 2-in-1.

This is last but NOT least. Remember when you were a kid and your mom always nagged you about putting on sunblock? That was the worst! All we wanted was the beach, and the sun was not our concern. However, were not kids anymore and deep down we know mom was right. Powerful solar rays are nothing to mess with and our skin must be protected not just on vacation, but at all times. A good product for this is Image Prevention + SPF 50. Its next generation technology combines a physical sunscreen ingredient transparent zinc oxide with effective antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage and to protect against environmental exposures. And contains plant-derived stem cells to delay the aging effects of the sun on skin cells. You couldn’t ask for more.

So let’s recap! You’ll need:

-Water- Any brand you’d like
-Moisturizer/Hydrator- Ageless Hyaluronic Filler
-A Hat – Anything BUT a Fedora
-Make-up Remover/ Cleanser – Gentle Cleanser by Skin Ceuticles
-Sun Screen – Prevention + SPF 50

These 5 simple and accessible things are not only your ‘must-haves’ this Labor Day weekend but also the perfect recipe for a successful trip! It may seem like the least important thing to take care of, your skin, while you’re on vacation. This is a mistake many people make. However, you should keep in mind while packing, that even though you’re in vacation mode, your skin is not. Your skin reacts to mistreatment the same way on vacation as it will when you’re back at work. By packing these few yet essential items, you’re guaranteeing healthy skin on your get away. Because when you love your skin, it loves you back!

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