Are You Ready for Your Close-up?

Are You Ready for Your Close-up?

Welcome to the Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth! This is the place damaged, wrinkled and aging skin comes to find a new life. When we meet a new client for the first time at Skin Bar we begin in the Photo-Booth. Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our Photo-Booth is equipped with the most advanced imaging hardware and skin analysis software in the industry. Allowing us to analyze seven specific conditions of the skin. They include:

Sun Spots.

These little buggers can make us appear older than we really are and they tend to get darker and more pronounced as we age. Our technology isolates these spots, and using special light photography reveals damage in the lower layers of the skin we can’t even see. Hey, you gotta see it to correct it. That’s important when we repeat our photos after a series of treatments and track our progress.

Fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Bar specializes in anti-aging and we have the pictures to prove it. Our first time visitors might cringe a bit the first time we analyze these features, but when we take follow up photos and compare the results our clients love affair begins.


Uneven skin can leave you looking dull and ruddy. Not a cute look. Texture is commonly overlooked as a meaningful skin condition that can affect the overall healthy look of your skin. Fresh even skin tone makes you look more awake and radiant. Now that’s the look we’re going for!


Large pores are mostly a genetic trait. And for those of us who have large pores we would do just about anything to make them shrink. Our photo technology measures the appearance of pores so that your skintician knows exactly where to focus treatment to reduce their appearance.


Known as P-acnes these are the bacteria that cause breakouts. Our photo software can detect where these bacteria are present on the face. Knowing where to find acne causing bacteria gives us a huge advantage when it comes to treating acne.

We can learn a lot from a few photos. And just as important we can track your progress along the way. Our Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth is what sets Skin Bar apart from the competition. We don’t rely on subjective interpretation of your results. We use science and advanced technology to show you true results.

If you want great skin, but you’re not sure where to start, let Skin Bar NYC help you. Our Skinticians can customize an at home routine that will help you achieve your beauty goals. At Skin Bar NYC we offer the ultimate skin care program in the form of memberships. Pay a monthly membership fee and choose from any of our services, based on your skin care needs. Our program is designed to ensure that you maintain a consistent skin care program. It’s like having a trainer for your skin. And it’s affordable- memberships start at $125. Call us today to find out more.

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