How To Prep For Your Next Laser Hair Removal Service

How To Prep For Your Next Laser Hair Removal Service

Preparation for laser hair removal isn’t complicated but if you’re new to laser, it may not be intuitive. Here are a few tips to follow before your next treatment that will ensure a safe and effective result.

These tips are specifically designed as a guide to prepare you for your laser treatment the night before and day of your service. Any time you are having a laser treatment of any kind be sure you have not had sun exposure or taken antibiotics two weeks prior to your service.

Shave 12 hours before your appointment.

Shaving the night before allows time for your skin to calm down. Many clients with sensitive skin experience rash and irritation immediately after shaving and all of us have accidentally nicked the skin during a shave. So, it’s good to give your skin a little time to rest and repair before laser. Shaving the night before dramatically improves the comfort level too!

Avoid sunless tanning lotion and creams.

Laser technology these days is very advanced, but it’s not smart enough to differentiate between sun exposed skin and sunless tanning lotion. It is not safe to treat either. Lasers are attracted to pigment and when you use sunless tanners you are applying artificial pigment. Many sunless tanning products cover unevenly leaving elbows and knees darker than the surrounding area. So, just like regular sun exposure be sure to stop using sunless tanners two weeks before your service.

Many skin care products including makeup, lotions and body oils contain ingredients that shimmer. Be sure to shower the night before your treatment with a gentle cleanser and loofah or shower sponge to remove any makeup or lingering product that may cause an adverse reaction. When the laser comes in contact with reflective material it can heat up and result in superficial irritation or even a burn.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Loose fitting cotton pants, shirts and underwear are best depending on the area you are treating. It might not sound sexy, but it will make you much more comfortable. Cotton clothes breathe and they don’t chafe (especially in those sensitive areas if, you know what I mean). Cotton clothes aren’t a requirement, but it’s a great way to stay comfy.

Avoid activities that increase your body’s temperature before laser.

Laser beams are hot! Avoid hot showers, vigorous workouts and steam rooms or saunas before your service. Add heat to heat and any seventh grade chemistry student can tell you what that means. Yep, you guessed it- burns. Take your hot shower the night before and skip the gym on treatment day. We give you permission.

Take 2 Ibuprofen 45 minutes before your appointment.

Ibuprofen reduces inflammation and is a great pain reliever. Most laser systems today include very effective cooling devices that dramatically reduce any discomfort, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little insurance policy to ensure the most comfortable treatment.

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