Skin Bar Memberships: How They Work

Skin Bar Memberships: How They Work

Medspa memberships are still a new concept in the spa world. Years ago the owners of Skin Bar NYC, Matthew and Trice Pruitt recognized a huge gap in the way cosmetic services were being offered. Most spas today offer individual services at full price or a package of treatments for a discounted price. Since today’s cosmetic treatments are very expensive most clients opt for the discounted package.

Memberships vs. Packages

Saving some cash upfront sounds good right? Wrong! I can’t tell you how many times new clients visit our spa unhappy that hundreds or even thousands of dollars are tied up in an unused package of IPL’s or Fraxel treatments. Others, are disappointed and unimpressed with the results promised at the end of a pack of services.

So, why don’t packages deliver the outcomes promised? The answer is pretty straight forward: Your skin is constantly changing and those changes require different solutions. Did you know that your skin cells regenerate every thirty-five days?

The best skin care program changes with your skins needs. Packages try to be a one size-fits-all and as a result they often don’t solve the problem.

At Skin Bar we have been offering memberships since 2012. The principle behind memberships begins with a commitment to consistent skin care. One monthly payment for service ensures that you keep up with your routine and that your skin gets what it needs when it needs it. This means you will never get lazy when it comes to skin care.

Oh, did I mention that memberships also include discounts off other services and products, plus exclusive FREE monthly membership benefits?

So, now you might be wondering how these memberships work?

At Skin Bar we don’t sell treatments, we sell the “LOOK” you have always dreamed of. Depending on your goals and skin condition we have designed five membership levels to achieve your desired “LOOK”. A “LOOK” is how you imagine yourself in your best selfie. Maybe your “LOOK” is Clear Skin or Forever Young. Perhaps you prefer a sun kissed “LOOK”, then Golden is the choice for you. We always begin with a Free Consultation, or in Skin Bar lingo a Fit-Skin-Analysis. In our Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth we examine your skin, understand your personal goals and design a custom treatment plan within one of our membership levels.

Here’s how it works:

At Skin Bar we believe that everyone should have a chance to experience a new spa before committing to a long term plan. That’s why we offer a trial membership to all our new clients. Trial memberships offer all the benefits and discounts of a membership without any commitment.

Skin care results and goals are achieved over time. Visible results are typically achieved within three months with a consistent skin care plan. After six months most of our members have achieved their first skin care goals. All of our custom treatment plans are designed on a six month calendar and include the following features: Exceptional treatments, custom at-home skin care routine, progress reports and review every three months in our Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth. Other benefits include: Priority scheduling, product discounts and additional service discounts, member free-bees, benefits and upgrades.

The membership, whether it is for skin care or laser hair removal, is always a flat fee charged on the same day every month – you choose the day to be charged when you sign up. Use your service or services on a rolling 30 day calendar. Here is an example: You choose to begin your membership on August 1, 2016, we’ll charge your first payment on August 1, now you have till August 31 to use your services. Then we start again on September 1, and repeat. It’s that easy.

If you want great skin, but you’re not sure where to start, let Skin Bar NYC help you. Our skin care specialists can customize an at home routine that will help you achieve your beauty goals.  At Skin Bar NYC we offer the ultimate skin care program in the form of memberships. Pay a monthly membership fee and choose from any of our services, based on your skin care needs. Our program is designed to ensure that you maintain a consistent skin care program. It’s like having a trainer for your skin. And it’s affordable- memberships start at $99. Call us today to find out more.

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