How To: Minimize Pores & Control the Shine

How To: Minimize Pores & Control the Shine

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? I remember as early as middle school looking in the mirror and seeing ugly black dots on my nose- lots of them. I know it sounds kinda gross, but most of us have them. They’re called black heads, and I’m on a crusade to stop them!

Here’s my story.

Since I started in the cosmetic biz I have personally focused on the one thing that made me the most self-conscious as a teenager and young adult. I remember dates when I felt a little shy moving in for the first kiss, scared a girl might see those unsightly black dotted pores.
This may sound a little dramatic but I was a teenager and it really bothered me. I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror squeezing and picking at my nose to extract them, but mostly what I ended up with was a red bloody nose and only about half of those damn things gone.

Mom Knows Best.

When I was in high school I asked my mom for advice. My mom is a beauty expert and always looks flawless. She told me to stop squeezing my face. She said, “Mattie it’s going to make your nose bigger and you’re going to get an infection”. Thanks for the boost mom! She suggested a product called Biore Pore strips. Actually they were a much better solution to my problem than beating up my nose like a golden glove boxer. But, still they were not perfect. No matter how diligent I was at applying them, they still left quite a few black heads behind. I was left still looking for a solution.
Fast forward. My struggle with pore size continued well into my twenties. Looking for answers, I invested more in my skin care regimen. I used Clinique and mostly nothing changed. Then I discovered high quality skin care products, backed by science. It was by chance. I just happened to be walking through the cosmetic section at Barney’s, on my way to the men’s store. A lovely lady at the Natura Bisse counter pulled me aside and suggested I try a regimen of her suggested products to solve my problem. I didn’t know it but I was on the mend. And this time it was going to be permanent.

Finally, after more than a decade, a solution.

It took some time and patience. When I asked her how long it would take to see results she explained that a big part of my problem was the amount of oil my skin produced. That these products would control production and dissolve the buildup of oil, sweat and dirt that become blackheads. It would take a couple of months and I would see real results.
I’m not a patient person, but I was willing to give it a try. After all I had just received a long awaited photo in the mail of me with the President of the United States at an event in NYC. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t close enough to reveal my pores, but the shine on my face was terrible, practically blinding me when I looked at the picture the first time.
This was a real disappointment because I was so excited to send my family a photo of me hanging with the President. Now I had to realize that my shining reflective mug was going to sit on the family mantle for everyone to see. Damn it!
That would be the last bad picture I would ever take. I returned to the Barney’s counter 3 months later and the change was undeniable. My newly anointed skin care goddess suggested that the next step was to seek regular facials. Once again I took her advice and my pores seemed to shrink to a size that was almost invisible.
Since that time I have not had any issue with pores size or that embarrassing shine. And the reason is because I have maintained a consistent skin care regimen combining a quality at-home routine with facials and peels. If you are suffering like I did, you won’t have to. I can help. Follow the simple rules below CONSISTENTLY and you will take back your self-confidence and never worry about taking a bad selfie ever again.

First. What you need to know.

Blackheads are the result of pores that build with excess oil, dirt and sweat. All that build up turns black as impurities oxidize. As, more time winds on, more build up occurs. This expands the pore and over time those pores continue to get bigger and bigger.This is the reason you need a solution asap. Once those pores expand that’s it. Removing a blackhead doesn’t close the pore.

Pores Don’t Shrink like you might think.

I see products and DIY concoctions that claim to shrink pores. But, that’s a myth. Pores can’t be shrunk. But, they can be minimized. They will remain unclogged and minimized with a good skin care routine at home done consistently.
They will appear even smaller with the added help of consistent facials and peels and they can be almost invisible when you add laser treatments on top of that.
But, the sooner you start the less of these steps you’re going to need. That makes it a cheaper problem to solve and extends your youthful appearance, not to mention a boost to your self-esteem. So, start early, at the first sight of a problem or condition that bothers you or makes you self-conscious. Then take action. Always educate yourself and above all stick with it.

It has to do with genetics.

While not all our problems and insecurities can be directly related to our parents, some certainly can. Your pore size is largely attributed to genetics. If you’re going to have larger pores on your face then there isn’t much you can do about that. But, what you can do is take steps to combat the effects and keep them as small as possible. Basically, if your predisposed to large pores, then you have to be proactive if you want to keep those bad boys under control.
Larger pores WILL fill with oil, sweat and dirt. That is a fact. And it happens much faster if you’re an active person or work in the elements. So, you need to keep them clean. If you don’t they will increase in size and stretch your skin making them larger and weakening the elastin around them.

Here’s what to do.


Wash your face in the morning and at night with a cleanser that contains either salicylic or glycolic acid. These acids help balance the PH level of your skin and reduce overproduction of oil, a prime contributor to blackheads and shiny skin.

Use a Masque

Once a week apply a clay masque for ten minutes. But, more other than that. Clay masques are great at lifting and dissolving oils and impurities from the skin, but don’t use clay more than twice a week, because it can over dry your skin. If that happens your body responds by producing more oil creating a worse condition.

Apply moisturizer

A lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer is the best option for you. Don’t make the mistake of forgoing moisturizers because you’re concerned it might make your skin oilier. Using a cleanser with acid and a weekly clay masque will balance oil production but your skin still needs the nutrients and hydration of a moisturizer. Personally, I use a sunscreen as an all-in-one solution. High quality sunscreens like Elta MD contain SPF protection with moisturizers in them.

Were SPF

A kiss of sun can temporarily reduce the appearance of oiliness and large pores. But, don’t be fooled, your creating long term damage and speeding up the aging process of your skin. Like a third martini, it’s fun when you drink it, but you’re sure gonna regret it in the morning. Wear sunscreen!
As I declared at the start of this post, I am on a mission to rid the world of blackheads. I’m starting in my own spa. This month, our skin care member benefit is- FREE extractions added to any facial or peel. A $40 value. And starting next month Skin Bar NYC will include extractions in almost every facial we do. Something every spa, I know of, charges extra for.
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