CARE: To Extend The Result Of Your Facials

CARE: To Extend The Result Of Your Facials




A facial for some is a way of rewarding yourself and taking time out of your day to relax and be pampered. For others it involves working problematic areas, but for everyone, glowing results are are enjoyed for one to two weeks after a great facial. Just like any goal in life, consistency is key, especially when we are talking about skin care. In addition to consistent facials everyone needs an effective, easy to follow, at home skin care regimen too. Today I’m going to fill you in on a few secrets to CARE for your skin and keep the results lasting longer in between your facials.


C- Cleanse Nightly
A- Avoid damage from sun exposure
R- Rehydrate skin
E- Exfoliate after your treatment

CLEANSING NIGHTLY is a must for healthy skin. Our skin is exposed to so many different elements everyday: Makeup, sweat, oil, dirt, grime and the pollution of New York City takes a toll on our skin. Your skin rejuvenates itself when you’re asleep at night, acting like a sponge to absorb the most active ingredients from your products. Cleansing away the days residue helps your skin work efficiently.

AVOIDING DAMAGE FROM SUN EXPOSURE doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors or that you can’t go to the beach after a facial, it just means grab your big floppy hat, umbrella and SUNSCREEN before you head out. Did you know that 80% of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots etc) comes from sun exposure due to lack of protection?Make sunscreen a part of your morning ritual! You’re exposed to the sun everyday not just at the beach or laying out in the park, but running to the deli or walking the few short blocks from your apartment to the subway count as sun exposure and start to add up, you want to be able to protect your skin as much as possible.

RE-HYDRATING SKIN helps keep skin looking youthful and glowing after a treatment. Lack of hydration shows more lines and wrinkles as well as making skin feel tighter and more dull looking. Using a hydrating moisturizer on top of serums such as hyaluronic acid will give your skin the extra boost of hydration it needs. Hyaluronic acid can hold more than 1000x its weight in water and distribute it back into your skin leaving it smoother, softer and more plump.

EXFOLIATING AFTER YOUR TREATMENT helps to keep your skin looking refreshed by sloughing off dead skin cells leaving you with newer, healthier skin on the surface. Not only does it help with the appearance on the surface of your skin but it also helps with our cell turn over rate, further minimizing fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your skin breathable for deeper penetration of products.  Exfoliation gives you a fresh face and the most benefits from the products you are using.

If you want great skin, but you’re not sure where to start, let Skin Bar NYC help you. Our skin care specialists can customize an at home routine that will help you achieve your beauty goals.  At Skin Bar NYC we offer the ultimate skin care program in the form of memberships. Pay a monthly membership fee and choose from any of our services, based on your skin care needs. Our program is designed to ensure that you maintain a consistent skin care program. It’s like having a trainer for your skin. And it’s affordable- memberships start at $99. Call us today to find out more.

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