Botox — The Ultimate Age Eraser


Botox — The Ultimate Age Eraser


The benefits of Botox are well documented. Over the past two decades, Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic services performed anywhere in the world. Everyone has heard of it. Most want it; and those who do it, live by it.

At my Medspa, Skin Bar NYC, our surgeon, Dr. Kornstein, is busy two days a week performing Botox injections. “I love Botox! The results are predictable and the risks are low,” explains Dr. Kornstein. A few strategically placed injections on the forehead, or around the eyes, a little time to kick in and … voila! No wrinkles.

As popular as Botox may be, there are still many people who are afraid to take the plunge. That is certainly understandable. The fear of needles and the idea of freezing muscles for months with the use of a toxin can be a big deterrent for many people. And I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone who has considered Botox has had to weigh those fears and concerns.

Those who have had Botox know it’s safe, fast and pain-free. In the hands of a trusted surgeon, Botox is safe and effective. Here are a few suggestions to consider if you have shied away from taking the plunge:

Get over it

Botox was approved for use by ophthalmologists in 1989 for the correction of strabismus (eye muscle spasms). Since that time, millions and millions of injections have been performed for everything ranging from eye conditions to wrinkles, and migraines to an overactive bladder. Botox continues to expand its indications from cosmetic use to medical applications approved by the FDA. And that is a pretty clear indication of its safety profile.

But, Botox is not without risks. Botox works by freezing the muscles that cause wrinkles, so doctors apply injections directly into the muscle they want to freeze. If the target is missed, muscles that you don’t want frozen can be affected. So be sure your doctor is experienced with Botox injections. And don’t shop based on price. Many newbies offer cheap Botox so they can get the experience they need to charge more. Don’t play roulette with your face.

Nothing to fear but fear itself

A quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt is true today as much as it was in 1935. We may not be fighting World War II but, when it comes to fighting wrinkles, its war, dammit! The single biggest fear first-time clients have when considering Botox is pain. Many of us have a fear of the unknown, and some of us have a fear of anything resembling a needle. Whatever your fear, overcome it by first scheduling a consultation with your doctor.

Get to know your doctor first. Meeting your doctor is a great way to ease fears and increase confidence. Prepare questions to ask and make sure you discuss your goals. The first injection is always the hardest because you’re battling fear combined with the unknown. After the first treatment, all your fears will be gone.

Go ahead and take the plunge

In all the years I have been in the beauty industry, Botox is without a doubt the single most effective treatment to make you look younger without any downtime. It is the only non-invasive service that in 15 minutes can make you look 10 years younger. So, if fear or concern about safety have been sidelining you, consider scheduling a consultation with a doctor and find out for yourself if Botox is right for you.

If you’re a member at Skin Bar NYC, this month’s member benefit is the Botox upgrade. Swap your services this month and try an area of Botox. FREE! And if you have never done Botox, we would be happy to schedule a time for you to meet our surgeon, Dr. Kornstein.

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