This is Not Your Dad’s Skin Care Routine

retro happy family around man

This is Not Your Dad’s Skin Care Routine

retro happy family around man

When I was a boy my dad used two types of soap- Lifebuoy and Lava soap. Lifebouy was for the body and Lava soap was for the hands. A nimble skin care regimen to say the least. After degreasing his hands with pumice infused Lava soap, he jumped in the shower where his trusty bar of Lifebuoy soap doubled as body wash and shampoo. Capped with a splash of Old Spice and pops was ready for anything!

The idea of moisturizing or applying sun protection to a man’s skin was at the time considered- not manly. I remember dad’s dry course hands. They literally felt like sandpaper, and that was manly. Those were the old days. These days dad is a true believer in moisturizers and nourishing cleansers, but after years of unprotected sun exposure and the drying effects of harsh cleansers the effects have taken a toll on his skin. Today dad has a skin care regimen that can rival my mom’s. And his commitment to skin care is paying off. It goes to show you that it’s never to late to change the course of damaged skin, and you can teach an old dog new tricks. Just don’t try to suggest replacing his Old Spice.

The notion of skin care for Gen Xer’s and Millennials is a far cry from Baby Boomers. The stigma associated with a man and skin care is long gone, and guys are spending more time and money on services and grooming than ever before. Today there are skin care lines designed specifically for men, and clubs that cater to men exclusively.

Society has evolved and life expectancy is longer than it has been at any time in history. And all of us, man or woman want to age with grace. So it’s no wonder that we take the extra time to extend the healthy glow of our skin. After all we’re gonna be in it longer than our parents or any generation before us.

I know a lot of women that pride themselves on having the most extensive skin routine in their circle of friends. They become the envy of the group and the go to gal for all the tips regarding make-up, fashion and style. And the Alpha females who hold claim to this title love it.

This is not the case for guys. At least not the ones I hang out with. Guys want something simple. And they want someone to just tell them what they need to do to look good and keep it that way. After all there’s a playoff game to watch!

So here it is. A simple daily routine to follow that will keep you looking sharp and aging gracefully for decades to come.


The Body.

dovedeepmoistureFind a good body wash to sweep away oil, dirt and sweat, and at the same time nourishes and moisturizes your skin. I like Dove Deep Moisture body wash. For the money it’s the best value with gentle cleansers and a clean finish. Squeeze a few drops on a wash cloth or sponge in the shower. Wash cloths are great for daily exfoliation, and whisking away dead skin cells. Note: I get questions about products like AXE for men. While they have done a great job of marketing to men with an exclusive line for men, I’m not a fan. I find the products are a little harsh on the skin and the scent overwhelming and generic.


lubridermspf15After drying off, moisturize with a lotion and sunscreen combination product like, Lubriderm SPF15. It’s light weight, won’t break the bank ,and most importantly doesn’t feel greasy when applied to the skin. Just be sure not to over apply. One pump is good for each quadrant of your body. For instance, one pump should be sufficient for 1 whole leg, arm or front of the body. And even if you don’t have plans to be in the sun- who cares! Using a combination product daily ensures your protecting your skin by moisturizing. Plus you’re adding a parachute to your daily routine with added sun protection. Just in case the cutie in the next cubicle invites you to join her for lunch at Bryant Park. Hey, stuff happens. Be prepared.


The Face.


You wash your face. But, are you doing it right?Do you wash your face in the shower to save time? Stop that. Because if you are you are most likely using the same soap you use on your body. Body wash tends to be harsher on the skin. Your body can handle it because the skin on your body is thicker and less sensitive than the skin on your face. Using the same soap you use on your body can result in dryness, breakouts and premature wrinkles. Oh, and don’t use the same moisturizer on your face as the one you use on your body.


ORMEDIC-balancing-facial-cleanser_grandeUse a good PH balanced cleanser for your face. Spend a few extra bucks on this product, it will pay off in the long run. And pick a gel cleanser (most guys do not like the creamy stuff). Wash twice a day, in the morning and at night and apply a combo moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning. Pick your moisturizer wisely. Preferably something light so you don’t get that greasy feeling, common with heavy moisturizers.


barberwithastraightrazorShaving everyday may be a hassle as any guy can attest to, but your skin gets a terrific benefit from it. Shaving exfoliates the face every time you do it. So, it’s one less step to deal with in your skin care routine. But, I suggest monthly facials to keep pores clean and tight and your skin glowing!



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