My Mom’s Beauty Tips

My Mom’s Beauty Tips

mom when she was about 30

Mom when she was 30 years old.

My mom, Ruth Pruitt is a stunning lady. She always has been. I remember as a kid thinking my mom was the prettiest woman I had ever met. I thought she should have been a movie star. And with her looks she could have been. But, just as her model path was beginning to take shape she met my dad and traded her blossoming career to raise my brother and me.

I love her for that. It was a real sacrifice and without her having made that sacrifice I wouldn’t be here. Even though mom decided to skip the glamour of fashion and modeling it didn’t mean she had to give up on being glamorous. And glamorous mom was, still is and always will be.

It’s no coincidence that I own a Medispa; or that I have been involved in the medical and cosmetic industry since before I graduated from college. Grooming, fashion, and style were instilled in me at an early age.

Fashion came first. I was shopping for the latest styles and learning how to mix and match patterns before I could read. Fashion was the prevailing “look” of the day, mom would say, style is achieving a timeless and effortless look that’s all your own.

As early as junior high school mom taught me lessons about skin care. I was the only kid in my high school with a Clinique men’s skincare regimen and probably the first metro sexual in San Bernardino, California, the town I grew up.

I graduated from high school years ago, but the lessons I learned from my mom have stayed with me all these years. Mom turned 67 this year and she still looks amazing. (she gave me permission to share that information).

Every week I share beauty tips and strategies with you that all started with the lessons my mom taught me at an early age. Last week in honor of Mother’s Day I asked if she would share her beauty philosophy and skin care regimen with us. Always the gracious lady, she happily agreed.

Mom and me celebrating her 68th birthday.

Mom and me celebrating her 68th birthday.

Okay Ruth, share with our readers your most important beauty tips.

Well Mattie, it’s all about consistency and the willingness to do a little work. Good skin doesn’t require a ton of money, but it does require a little commitment. 5-10 minutes every day to pamper your skin is all it takes and it will go a long way. I have been using a similar skin care routine since I was a teenager. Of course with each passing decade I adjust for it and add the necessary tweaks to stay looking youthful.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people my age make is focusing solely on the face. But, the neck and chest and hands give away your age just as fast as a wrinkly face. Every step of my routines include the same treatment and product application on those areas.

What is your morning skin care routine?

1. I start with a thorough cleanse using a lightweight crème cleanser.
2. Then to keep my neck lifted and tight, I do 100 neck strokes. I sweep my hands up from the collar bone to the jaw line in a quick repeating motion. This stimulates blood flow, while smoothing and lifting the skin.
3. Then I apply a lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen.

How about at night time? Do you do anything different?

1. I like daytime, I cleanse with a lightweight crème cleanser. Crème cleansers work best for removing makeup.
2. I apply eye cream every night. Tired eyes can make you look older than your real age. When I apply the cream I dab a small amount on the bone around the eye, not too close to the eyelids, since the skin in this area is very delicate. Then I gently tap the area with my index fingers and middle fingers to stimulate blood flow- reducing dark circles.
3. Then I follow with 100 neck strokes. (see above)
4. After I turned 50 I realized I needed a little extra help to combat aging. I use a vitamin C anti-aging serum all over my face, neck, chest and hands.
5. Then of course the final step- moisturize.

Do you have any secrets to share with us today?

I learned at an early age that exfoliating is really important to keeping a youthful look. I exfoliate twice a week with a mild mask before bedtime. Over the years I have found that stimulating the skin is a great anti-aging trick. Two times a week I add Clarisonic treatment to my morning routine. The rotating brush deep cleans my skin and the gentle vibration stimulates blood flow.

Thanks for sharing mom.

My pleasure mijo.

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