Meet Shawn Higgins: This Month’s Skin Bar NYC Team Member of The Month

Meet Shawn Higgins: This Month’s Skin Bar NYC Team Member of The Month

Skin Bar NYC's Team Member of The Month, Shawn Higgins.

Please join Skin Bar NYC in congratulating this month’s team member of the month: Shawn Higgins! Shawn has been a Skin Bar team member for two years and has become one of our most valued team members. It’s Shawn’s clients that have bestowed upon him this distinction. With a special penchant for treating acne and a master in anti aging techniques, Shawn has certainly earned the title.

Many of you have already met Shawn, but for those of you who have not, here is a little background. Shawn graduated from the New York School of Esthetics in Tarrytown, NY. He holds a NY State Esthetics License and certifications for ten specialty laser platforms. His training is concentrated on facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser skin tightening, laser acne treatments, IPL , microcurrent and Fraxel skin resurfacing. He has performed more than 6000 skin care services. In addition to skin care, he is an expert in cosmetics and makeup.

In the two years Shawn has been at Skin Bar NYC, his clientele has grown tremendously. And he has one of the highest retention rates in the whole company. “We are so happy Shawn is a part of our team”, explains Skin Bar owner, Matthew Pruitt. “Shawn is serious about his craft, like an artist is about his muse. He truly loves skin care and it shines through everyday.”

His clients agree. Shawn has been reviewed and written about on every review site there is. Here are a few 5 star Yelp reviews:

Recent Yelp Reviews for Shawn Higgins:

I got an IPL photofacial from Shawn at  Skin Bar about 5 days ago. The place is clean, the staff is nice. But the RESULTS! They are amazing! I am only 25 but I grew up trashing my skin in Florida on the beach and water-sports. I had darkened patches on my forehead, upper lip, and some acne caused discoloration on my cheeks. Yes, I looked like a monster immediately after the treatment Google IPL photofacial), but after about 5 days the scabs are gone and there is beautiful even skin underneath. And this was just one treatment! If you have about a week to take downtime and do this, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

-Jennifer N.


I’ve been coming to Skin Bar for about a year now, and I have absolutely loved my experience! I have a Simply Skin Membership, which includes one facial per month, 10% off all products, and monthly specials. Shawn is the best! He, as well as the amazing products Skin Bar uses and sells, have helped to completely transform my skin. I struggled with acne for a few years and tried endless amounts of products but to no avail. Within a few months of seeing Shawn, however, I saw real results for the first time. I look forward to my facial every month, and I find the rest of the staff to be very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this place!

-Paula D.


I have been going to Skin Bar for almost 2 years now. I live in Westchester but I take the train down to have my monthly facials. I came here during spa week, tried out their oxygen facial (try this) and immediately signed up for a monthly membership. Shawn takes good care of my skin and I highly recommend him for your skin care needs.  He also recommends good products that keep my skin hydrated and some other tricks to keep my skin healthy. Every treatment is individualized and Shawn provides feedback after each session. He is very flexible and changes the treatment depending on how my skin reacts to a previous treatment or on how my skin looks. That, to me, is important because it means he takes time to identify what my current skin needs are. The whole team is amazing including Jess who knows everyone by name. I love this place and I certainly will keep my membership until I move out of state or country.

-Kristine V.

Shawn has always been passionate about skin care from a young age. In fact, quite often after our clients meet Shawn and see him in passing they ask our staff or him directly, “ How can I get his skin?” He also “ loves” makeup and is always happy to share his tips on applying it. “Esthetics is the perfect combination of skincare and makeup, so it was a no-brainer for me to get involved in the industry.” explains, Shawn. “I like learning more about skincare, and everyday you learn something new which is another thing I love about esthetics”. Shawn likes to focus on client’s skin concerns, “ One of my favorite things is to help people who have skin concerns like acne, wrinkles or pigmentation, by prescribing and performing the proper treatments to get them to a place where they are happy with their skin.”

We asked Shawn to share 3 skin care tips with our readers . Here are three tips for glowing skin:

  1. Wash your makeup off every night! And never go to sleep with makeup on- it will clog your pores and cause breakouts.
  2. Treat yourself to regular facials. You should have a facial once a month to maintain healthy skin or repair and hydrate damaged skin.
  3. Wear SPF everyday!! This is so important, to keep your skin from showing early signs of aging.
Stay tuned for Shawn’s makeup tips blog!

Schedule your Fit Skin Analysis or next service with Shawn by calling Skin Bar 212-889-1171.

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