Make The Glow After Your Facials Last Longer

Make The Glow After Your Facials Last Longer

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If facials are something you do to treat yourself from time to time I am going to give you tips today that will extend your glow long after your treatment. But first, let me ask you a question. How often do you have facials? Every month? Once in a while? Once a year? If you answered once in a while or once a year, this blog post is for you.

You’ve probably noticed that for a week or two after your facial your skin is bright, smooth, glowing and squeaky clean. Then after a few weeks your skin returns to the dull patina you hoped you had waved goodbye to weeks earlier. Have you wondered why one facial treatment isn’t enough to remove that dullness for good? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, I used to think the same thing, and I own a spa!

So, there is no shame in asking the question. While one facial will never be enough to reverse the signs of aging, erase sun damage, and dead skin cells, there are ways to extend the benefits of a facial for a much longer period than 2 weeks. I’m going to tell you how.


Facials are more than a chance to relax. They kick start your bodies healing processes.Continue what you started.
When you have a facial you’re doing more than relaxing your nerves and cleaning out your pores. Facials jump start the natural process that your body performs every day to prevent aging and damage. A good facial can remove months of accumulated toxins and dead skin cells that gum up the works, pushing your body into overdrive to eliminate toxins and pollutants that over time lead to fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and acne.


Cleanse.You wash your face. But, are you doing it right?
Cleansing sounds pretty obvious and you’re probably already doing it. But, are you doing it twice a day, and are you using the right cleanser? Ladies when you cleanse at night are you removing all your makeup? Left over makeup clogs pores and causes breakouts, so be thorough and take the time to remove your makeup. Cleansing the skin is the first step to maintaining the results of a good facial. Cleanse once in the morning and again before bed. And choose your cleanser based on your skin type. Your skin care expert can help you select the correct cleanser for your skin.


Lasting facial results begin with exfoliation. Exfoliate.
There are many types of exfoliation, and removing excess damaged cells is a big part of any facial. This is probably the single biggest factor in how much GLOW you have after your treatment. But, cells are being replaced every second of the day. This is why facial results can seem so fleeting. If you help your skin shed dead cells after your facial this will have the single biggest effect on the longevity of your results.

Your skin care professional has a huge range of options at hand to exfoliate your skin, but many of them are not available for at home use. Not to worry, here’s what you can do to keep those dull cells from accumulating and hiding your glow.

You should exfoliate twice a week.

Avoid products with abrasives in them like St. Ives Scrub. These sandy scrubs are harsh on your skin and likely to make you dry.

Instead opt for a product that has Glycolic acid in it. Cleansers and serums that have glycolic acid as ingredients are easy to find. You can use glycolic acid twice a week for a non abrasive and truly effective exfoliation.

Another great method of exfoliation for clients with sensitive skin is the Clarisonic. This is an at home spa tool that I highly recommend. The soft vibration and rotating bristles, gently remove dead cells and whisk away dirt and oil, leaving you with silky smooth skin. The vibration is great for stimulating the skin and increasing blood flow between facials. You can use the Clarisonic three to four times a week.


Hydrate your skin to keep it looking young.Hydrate.
What you put into your body comes out of your body through the liver and lymphatic system. It also comes out through your skin in the form of sweat and oil that your sebaceous glands produce. So, eat lots of vegetables and fruits high in anti oxidants and vitamins and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and balanced. Your skin will thank you for it!


Chose an add-on for long lasting facial results.Splurge for an add-on.
During your facial your skin care professional will offer you an add-on. An add-on is an extra service you pay for in your facial. If your skin care professional offers you a peel- take it! The extra exfoliation of an added peel will remove more dead cells and professional grade peels penetrate deep allowing them to continue working days after you have had your facial. Adding a peel will definitely extend the life of your results.


The ideal skin care regimen includes one facial a month for optimal results. At minimum everyone should have a facial at once every 3 months. Follow these tips and extend the results of your facial for many more weeks between facials.

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