Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Microcurrent

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Microcurrent


Skin Bar NYC’s Skin Care specialist Shawn Higgins has performed hundreds of Microcurrent treatments. We asked Shawn the most common questions we hear from clients seeking Microcurrent treatment. At Skin Bar NYC we combine Microcurrent with LED light, Diamond Dermabrasion and Boisonix Ultrasound. We call our Microcurrent treatment the 4-D Facelift.

Is 4-D Face Lift (Microcurrent) safe for all skin types?
Microcurrent is a safe treatment for all skin types. Our clientele at Skin Bar NYC ranges from light skin Irish to African American. While Microcurrent is safe for all skin types there are contradictions to consider, including metal implants in the body, pacemakers, pregnancy, silicone implants near the area treated and cancer patients.

How does Microcurrent work?
Microcurrent does exactly what its name implies. It uses micro electrical current to mimic our bodies electrical impulses that are involved in cellular processes. Microcurrent stimulates cells to produce more ATP, which is the energy our cells use to promote healing. Microcurrent also works at re-educating the facial muscles to return to their original positions. Think of it like going to the gym for your facial muscles. The result is tightening and toning of the face where sagging is present noticeable. Our clients notice immediate results after their first 4-D Facelift treatment.

4-D Facelift offered exclusively at Skin Bar NYC.How many sessions do you need?
Microcurrent alone can be done every week for 8 weeks and then 1 maintenance treatment a month to keep your peak results. I recommend 4-D Facelift because of all the added benefits you get when Microcurrent is combined with 4 complimentary technologies. 4-D Facelift should be performed every other week for 2 months. That is a total of 8 treatments, then once a month for maintenance. Between 4-D Facelift treatments I recommend laser skin tightening and facials.

Pre and post care?
There is no downtime at all. That’s why some of my clients like to call it their lunchtime lift. And there isn’t much pre or post care needed with Microcurrent. The treatment includes microdermabrasion, so staying free of retinols, strong AHA’s or BHA’s is important. Clients leave the spa looking fresh and rejuvenated and can continue with their home regimen as normal.

Enjoy the soothing effects of 4-D Facelift.Does Microcurrent hurt?
Microcurrent is a very relaxing service with NO pain involved. At times the client may feel a tingling or vibrating from the current in certain areas. Male clients may feel it stronger if they have fuller beards. Overall though it is very pleasant and relaxing.

Healing process?
Microcurrent has no downtime, therefore clients don’t need to worry about any healing process. The results of Microcurrent are progressive so if anything clients will see a better result each day after the treatment.

When do you choose Microcurrent as the right service?
Microcurrent is a great service for all ages. Young clients can start doing it as a preventative treatment for aging. Older clients can do it to correct signs of aging and sagging skin. If the client is concerned with aging and desires a more tightened, youthful, refreshed and rejuvenated look Microcurrent is the treatment I always recommend.

If you are considering Microcurrent, but still have questions feel free to contact us at 212-889-1171.

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