Look who’s having BOTOX!

Look who’s having BOTOX!

The fastest growing Botox segment. Millennials.

There has been a trend developing for a few years now. It started as a trickle. One or maybe two young twenty somethings adding Botox to their membership services. Dr. Kornstein, Skin Bar NYC’s house surgeon began administering Botox very cautiously among these millennials. “As a surgeon, the oath I took is- to do no harm,” Dr. Kornstein explained defending his conservative position. “For more than a decade injections of Botox and fillers were reserved exclusively for the “mature” set. Basically, clients requesting these types of services were 40 and over. So, this shift surprised me.”

Today, more than half of all the Botox administered at Skin Bar NYC is to clients in there 20’s and 30’s. “It’s about prevention,” explains Matthew Pruitt, Skin Bar’s owner. Our clientele of millennials is much wiser than my generation about many things, including skin care.” Pruitt continued, “I pride myself on being at the leading edge of technology. It’s how I set Skin Bar NYC apart from the competition. But, I have to admit, the emergence of Botox to a younger clientele caught me off guard at first. Then it hit me, we preach preventative skincare, what better way to prevent wrinkles then stopping them from ever having the chance to appear!”

Half of Botox clients are under 30.So, how does Botox prevent wrinkles? It has been long established that Botox injections erase and flatten wrinkles that have already formed on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth among other areas. The results are undeniable- it works. Just ask anyone who has had Botox done. But, what makes it work so well? When we laugh, smile, frown or cry our muscles constrict and contract. Over time our expressions begin to wear down the collagen in those areas and lines begin to appear. Over time those expression lines grow deeper and deeper, erasing our once youthful appearance.

Before and after Botox for wrinklesBotox reverses these signs of aging by temporarily interrupting signals to the muscles that constrict and contract. The effects of a Botox treatment typically lasts from 4-6 months. Within a few days of treatment the area smooths out and wrinkles literally vanish. “Botox was approved to treat crossed eyes in the 1980’s,” explains Pruitt, who worked for Allergan Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Botox, early in his career. “Off label use of the product for cosmetic purposes exploded in the mid nineteen nineties. There are thousands of people walking around today who were the early adapters of Botox, and they are healthy and probably still having their Botox treatments.” This long history of use and the multitude of studies that support Botox’s safety record have removed the fear of having Botox.

Young Scarlett Johannson a Botox user?With confidence in long term safety, and over a million treatments performed each year Botox has become routine. If it’s safe and effective, why not use it as the ultimate anti-aging prevention tool? This is where the millennials come in. The use of Botox early inhibits specific muscles from ever creating wrinkles in the first place. This is a huge advantage when the goal is to maintain one’s youth for decades to come.

Are you considering Botox, but you’re not sure where to start. Schedule a consultation with a surgeon who has experience performing injectables. Botox should be performed by a doctor or surgeon. Botox is a powder that doctors have to reconstitute with sodium chloride to make a liquid. Unfortunately, some practices “water down” their Botox to remain competitively priced. Chose a facility with a good reputation.

If you are interested in Botox, Skin Bar NYC offers a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kornstein our in house Botox and filler specialist. Dr. Kornstein has been performing injectables for many years and has a huge following of dedicated clients who call his skill- “nothing less than artistic.” Contact Skin Bar NYC and schedule your free one-on-one evaluation with Dr. Kornstein today.

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