The 4-D Facelift® is turning the world of skin care on its head

The 4-D Facelift® is turning the world of skin care on its head


If you haven’t heard of the 4-D Facelift®, you will. In Just four months since offering the service at Skin Bar NYC it has become the number one requested treatment, surpassing the celebrity favorite Pure Oxygen Facial. “Clients try the treatment one time and they are hooked.” says Jessi Bergquist, Head Esthetician at Skin Bar NYC. “In the beginning, it was our long time members requesting the service, but now its client referrals and people searching us out on the internet. We are having trouble keeping up with the demand.”

In fact, according to Skin Bar Center Director, Jessica Lemoine, the spa has hired new estheticians to meet that demand. “Our top priority is always our members. Our long time estheticians already have a client base that is right at capacity. So, we had to bring some additional team members to accommodate the new demand.”

So, what makes the 4-D Facelift® so popular at this midtown Manhattan spa? The results? The experience? The price? We asked Matthew Pruitt, Skin Bar NYC owner and pioneer of the 4-D Facelift® to answer a few questions about this emerging technology and treatment. Here are a few excerpts from our discussion.

What do you attribute all the excitement about the 4-D Facelift® to?
First and foremost- results. Results have to be the basis for any new advance in skin care that is destined to be a part of the long term vernacular. Otherwise it’s just another fad. The 4-D Facelift® delivers results with the first treatment. Improvement is evident with each progressive treatment up to “peak results”. That means clients see progressive improvement treatment after treatment. That’s what the 4-D Facelift® delivers. Every time.

What is “peak results”?
Peak results relate specifically to the lifting and tightening of the skin. The peak is the point in which results plateau. That means you have achieved optimal results. Depending on the skin condition peak results are achieved in 6-8 treatments, scheduled 2 weeks apart.

Then what happens?
Maintenance. Once your skin is lifted and tightened we want to keep it that way. But, even after peak results are achieved, improvement in tone, texture, and glow continue and are cumulative. Maintenance treatments are done once a month.

Why is it called the 4-D Facelift?
I named it the 4-D Facelift® as a reference to the four modes of skin rejuvenation at play in this service. These modes of technology are not new, they have decades of research and safety of use behind them. What sets the 4-D Facelift® apart is the unique combination of all four in a single treatment.
4-D Facelift® is the only treatment that combines the use of:
Diamond Photo-abrasion – Diamond tipped hand pieces slough off dead skin cells allowing fresh glowing skin to be revealed.
Microcurrent – Works on the cellular level stimulating muscle tone, increasing ATP production and blood flow. Microcurrent is responsible for lifting and tightening the skin.
Ultrasound – Ultrasound waves offer physiological benefits while delivering our proprietary plant stem cell serum deep into the dermis. Stem cells regenerate tissue and encourage the production of new cells. A true anti-aging tool.
LED light therapy – Technology first discovered by NASA and re-purposed for use in our spa, LED therapy is a strong tool for treating a number of skin conditions. The 4-D Facelift® allows your skin care specialist to customize the light to tackle any skin condition. Red light is used to combat aging, white light for damaged skin that needs healing, purple light works well to reduce rosacea, yellow light corrects sun damage, blue light banishes acne and green light evens out skin tone and hyper-pigmentation.

How much does this dynamo treatment cost?
Single treatments are $350 each. A series can run up to $3,000. If purchasing single treatments sounds like a budget buster Skin Bar offers a membership that includes two 4-D Facelift® services every month for less than the cost of a single treatment. The membership will run you $299 a month.

If want to get in on the 4-D Facelift® call Skin Bar today for an appointment or membership. Questions about membership or not sure if treatment is right for you? Call a Skin Bar NYC concierge today for more information. 212-889-1171.

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