You have a trainer for your body, why don’t you have one for your skin?

You have a trainer for your body, why don’t you have one for your skin?

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It isn’t something we generally think of but it’s very true. Think about it. You want the fit body you see celebrities flaunting on a beach in Maui. And you want the flawless skin and youthful appearance of your favorite celebrity too, right? Of course you do. So why do we neglect our skin’s needs or take our youth for granted until the signs of aging become obvious? Probably because we have been conditioned by the media to relate fitness to our bodies. Not the organ that covers and protects it.

At Skin Bar we started a revolution in skincare that over the last several years has really captured the attention of New York City and beyond. The concept is simple- you have a trainer for your body, it’s time to get one for your skin. Welcome to Fit Skin- where the fitness of your skin can be analyzed to determine overall health and needs. Like a physical fitness test that checks BMI, heart rate, dexterity and a review of your personal goals, Skin Bar has the only physical fitness test exclusively for your skin. We call it the Fit Skin Analysis.

A Fit Skin Analysis is performed in our proprietary Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth™. Sound funky? It’s crazy funky! But, in a good way. We’ll explain.


Skin Bar Member in Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth

What is a Fit Skin Analysis?
A Fit Skin Analysis is our advanced approach to evaluate your skin’s condition. First, we discuss a client’s skin care concerns and goals. Next, we take a series of images with our Visia technology in order to get an in depth view of the current health of your skin. The Visia analyzes many characteristics of the skin like pigmentation caused by sun damage, pore size, tone and texture, P- bacteria (bacteria that causes acne) and wrinkles. Then we analyze the results and prescribe the correct treatments and home care regimen to achieve your skin care goals.

Who is a Fit Skin Analysis for?
The Fit Skin Analysis is offered to all of our first time skin care clients, and Skin Bar members. Many spas and dermatologists track your skins progress after a series of treatments and use subjective opinion to determine success. “We use the Fit-Skin- Photo- Booth to assess your progress quantitatively, not subjectively. That’s the big differentiator Skin Bar possesses over all the rest. The Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth™ delivers consistent, repeatable images every few months to compare and genuinely track progress,” explains, Jessica Lemoine, Skin Bar NYC’s Director. “We want our members to see true and transparent results. It holds us to the highest standard that exists in the industry.” And it works. Skin Bar NYC has a membership retention rate of 98%.

Golden Member Before & After

Golden Member Before & After

Why is it beneficial for clients?
This service is beneficial to clients for a number of reasons. New members have the opportunity to gauge the condition of their skin and we are able to devise a customized plan specifically for the conditions they have. This way our clients only spend money and time on services that will achieve the desired goal. Every time you reenter the Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth™ your goals are reaffirmed and progress is seen in real time. Ensuring your beauty dollars are never wasted.

How does it help your Skin Care Specialist determine treatments?
The Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth™ aids in developing a precise treatment plan according to the needs of your skin at any given time. As we have reviewed before, you skin is in constant state of change. Factors like seasons, environment and lifestyle all have a big influence in what your skin needs might be. Your skin is always cycling through the 3 stages- correct, maintain and prevent. We are able to identify the areas to tackle as a priority as well as which conditions we should approach with more of a subtle and less aggressive treatment.

Why is it important to enter the Fit-Skin-Photo-Booth™ from time to time?
Throughout your membership it is important to track progress. Once a goal has been reached the focus can then change to a new goal. Sun damage is the common chief complaint of many of our first time clients. After the sun damage has been corrected, what’s next? A client may want to focus on reducing the lines around their eyes or shrinking large pores. After erasing the fine lines a client may move from the correct stage to the maintain stage and so the cycle goes. Seeing the proof is the best way to keep our members motivated and engaged in their skin care.

If you’re ready for a Fit Skin trainer, or just curious and want to learn more, please let us know. At Skin Bar our Skin Care Specialists are ready to get your skin into tip-top shape. Call us today. 212-889-1171

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