Botox has a new best friend

Botox has a new best friend


Botox combined with micro current or electric facial is being touted as a new beauty combination that’s more than just skin deep. Top New York City dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have embraced this dynamic duo and are reporting amazing anti-aging effects.


botoxinjectionverticalfileBotox, when injected into the appropriate muscles in the face, block the signal that moves those muscles for the temporary reduction of wrinkles. Many of our clients at Skin Bar NYC have Botox injections performed to eliminate lines between the eyes, creases on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes.



Micro current is a technology that uses low voltage current to stimulate the facial muscles. The result of stronger muscles is a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and lifting around the jowls, cheeks and mouth. Micro current has also shown to be effective in stimulating the production of collagen- the protein responsible for giving our face fullness. Essentially, micro current is like a physical trainer for your skin.



So, how do Botox and micro current make such a great couple? There are several reasons;


Complete the circuit.

Many doctors agree that Botox is the best anti aging option for the top half of your face. What about the bottom half? Micro current is the solution. By strengthening the muscles and creating lift the face achieves true symmetry from top to bottom.

Fill the void.

Botox has proven effective at eliminating lines and wrinkles, but it does nothing to increase the fullness that is lost as we age. Micro current fills that void. The electrical impulses stimulate the production of collagen and elastin making for a wrinkle free and youthful face. Doctors call it a true combination punch!

Avoid the face lift.

Botox and Micro current combined offer a true alternative to surgery. Both are safe and effective for any skin type and any age group. The results are natural and cumulative. After a series of micro current treatments maintenance is just one treatment per month. Typically a Botox injection is effective for 4-6 months. However, in our spa we are seeing the benefits of Botox lasting longer when combined with micro current.


If you are considering the use of Botox with micro current be sure to consult with a doctor and your skin care specialist. Micro current should be done at least 2 weeks after Botox injections. If you want to boost your results, consider the 4-D FaceLift that combines diamond dermabrasion, LED light therapy, micro current and ultrasound all in one! Available only at Skin Bar NYC. Dr. Kornstein at Skin Bar NYC and our skin care specialists are always available to answer your questions. Feel free to schedule a complimentary fit skin analysis.

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