Week 3 – Peeled and Polished!

Chemical Peel Before and After

The Skin Rejuvenation Master Plan

When I saw Shawn the first week for my initial skin consultation I told him that besides clearing up my spontaneous acne, reducing the size of my huge pores, and generally preventing early signs of aging, I was most concerned with reducing all the sun damage.

Shawn’s suggestion was a series of Fraxel Dual Laser treatments, which have the most dramatic results for reducing sun damage. However, before the Fraxel treatment, Shawn wanted me to start with a chemical peel to remove the top layer of dead skin. This would then enable the energy from the Fraxel Laser to reach the layers of skin that really need it.


One Week Post Chemical Peel – Feeling Polished!

It has been one week since my first ever chemical peel and I am here to report that my skin is feeling polished! I never believe commercials and adverts when I hear people say, “visibly improved in just…” but my skin absolutely looks visibly better, and it’s only been one week! I have to say, I’m shocked.

My sister, who is not one to give compliments, even asked “did you do something to your skin? It looks… less weathered.”


Day One – Pink

Immediately and for the next couple of hours after the peel, my skin was slightly pink. Shawn instructed me not to put anything besides moisturizer on my skin. He recommended that I apply the Image Skincare Stem Cell Night Cream several times a day.


Day Two – Peeling

The first day after the chemical peel my skin did not start to peel. On the second day, however, it started. I expected to be shedding layers upon layers, but only the very top, thin layer of skin became dry and flaked off. If I put on any makeup it built up around the dry skin, so I just wore moisturizer for the day and no one noticed that my skin was dry and peeling.


Day Three – Peeling

One the third day my skin continued to flake slightly, but was hardly noticeable. So, even with sensitive skin like mine, it’s possible to get a peel and go into the office all week without worrying about looking like a burn victim!


Day Four – New Skin!

By the fourth day all the old skin was gone and I wasn’t peeling anymore. Only the new, tighter, rejuvenated skin was left and I can happily say it actually looked great! Most noticeably, the sun damage was dramatically reduced, which was my main goal! #winning


Next Step: Deep Pore Attack

Now that all my dead skin has been removed and my skin has broken out slightly, as it usually does on a monthly schedule (awesome), Shawn has prescribed that the next treatment prior to Fraxel is a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. As you can see from the flattering closeup, my pores are HUGE.

My Ongoing Home Skincare Regimen

Shawn advised me in order to maintain my newly rejuvenated skin, I needed to keep going with my home skincare regimen. Shawn’s instructions for my daily skincare routine was to start with the gentle, Ph Balanced Cleanser, followed by the Stem Cell Serum, then the Vitamin C Serum, and finally finish with a day or night moisturizer.

I’ve been following his instructions religiously and honestly don’t think I’ll ever go back to cheap, crappy products again. My skin just feels like it’s saying, “THANK YOU!” every time I put on a layer of serum and real moisturizer.

The Products
















Stay Tuned

Next treatment – a deep pore cleansing facial! Stay tuned for my Skin Story update next #TransformationTuesday!

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